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Shadowbane, FREE mmorpg

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A couple of months ago, the MMORPG Shadowbane, became free to play online. It's creators reformed their company and are planning another MMORPG loosely based on SB if not pretty similar.


I know we here in the Nite community are far more geared towards science fiction. Lord knows I am. But at the same time, I'm also one poor mofo who can't really afford MMO's ingeneral, so free is free. To the point, Shadowbane isn't science fiction but hey, it's free.


It's your typical fantasy game, but it's one of the few MMORPGs where you can control land and resources on the world map, making your endgame goal world-domination. There's tons of races, classes and professions to choose from. Anyone from the UO days will love it cause you can build your own cities, cloak yourself while you steal from people, you name it.


It however is not a game for the, light hearted. It is what you call "open pvp". So the minute you set foot off the newbie area, you are open game to the entire server. It's kill or be killed. There are safe cities and zones but they are scarce compared to the massive world map. Adds to the fun of the game, PvP (player versus player) is the real endgame content of any MMORPG.


Now I'll be honest, I half posted this for non selfesh reasons. I want people to try a free fun game that isn't that old (slightly over three years). But, my nation I am in (nation's are made up of several guilds, basically one large alliance) recently underwent some changes and we are recruiting. Well anyone that's played some serious pvp in an MMORPG knows you don't do open recruiting. In that fashion you just get random idiots you can't follow orders in a fight, often get you killed when leveling or waste money & items. So why ask here? Cause I think for the most part, science fiction geeks (or fans if you dislike the connotation of the word geek) here in Nite's community are much more level headed and I know for a fact a good handful of people are gamers. And since most of us are *ahem* pirates in past lives, a free game legally looks even better.


So if you're interested in a free MMORPG head over to http://www.shadowbane.com You can download the client ( roughly 800 MB ) free, and signup a free account.


*Notes* If you're interested in joining the guild for serious pvp, a few things to keep in mind


- We use the latest version of Teamspeak 2 (less quality than Ventrilo yes but more compatiblity for multiple users) **Special note, speaking of how the game isn't for the light hearted, neither is Teamspeak. We recommend a Headset not Speakers, it is a Rated R channel so you will often hear profanity. We don't require you to have or use a microphone but you can still listen in on Teamspeak and if you can talk with it, even better.


- Most of us are American/Canada but totally welcome over nationalities. Only mention this because well, we mixed hours. Half of us operate on Eastern Standard Time and a few on Pacific Standard Time, and most of if not alot of us are "late night gamers" so we're usually still kickin around when the sun comes up (not a require ment just letting you know).


- We will totally help anyone learn the game if needed complete with power leveling and gear. Yes this game is power level friendly, the designers made it so you spend just enough time fighting mobs that you put in some time on a character that's about it. They do not frown at all on power leveling or such things (though we don't eBay gold/items). The point of Shadowbane is PvP which you'd never get too if you spend all your time treadmilling mobs like in World of Warcraft.


Leave replies here, I will check back regularly for those interested.

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