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Doctor Who s11 - October 7th!

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"The Woman who Fell to Earth"


New Companions

New  Night?

Looks like Doctor Who will now air on a SUNDAY rather than the usual Saturday, starting on October 7th on BBC One (UK).  It will also air simultaneously on BBC America.

This might actually help, given that Saturday nights can often see it competing with many strong shows.


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I've been catching up with season 10 (Actually enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would).


Can't wait to see this now!

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I like where the series is going, paying homage to the classic Doctor...

while progressing it forwards.


But I do feel like they are holding back a bit, perhaps playing it safe, and not quite going for some ground breaking sci-fi/fantasy.

I suppose the Doctor has to find his her their feet, and then we will delve into a deeper (perhaps darker) story line.


Although I laughed a lot during Arachnids in the UK, and raise my hat to the classic Doctor ...

[I'm not actually wearing a hat]

... it was my least favorite episode of the new Doctor.

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