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  1. 3. The President of the federation was not human (this was seen in Star Trek film 6, The undiscovered country) so not all humans got the highest ranks and on a DS9 Episode then we see a Vulcan Captain and on many other episodes.... 6. The Kazons encounted Voyager many times because Janeway explored the Delta place by stopping to nevly every friendly planet and checking out star clusters and sightseeing :P 3. I meant purely Starfleet. Most of captains are humans. At least those we encounter on TV ;) 6. And the Kazon did nothing else but following Voyager ;) DS9 is the place where continuity is expected, so is TNG because they fly back and forward. But no in Voyager, they just move on every time and there aren't many ships in the Delta Quadrant that could keep up with them.
  2. 1. Too many humans in Starfleet. 2. When something happens on Earth, including visits, time travel, crashes, characters (even historical) it (almost) always takes place in US. 3. Humans always have the highest ranks (captain, first officer etc.). 4. Discontinuity. Is anyone making the show concerned with it? 5. Technologies that would change the Star Trek world but never used again. 6. How could the Kazon and Ceska continuesly encounter Voyager if Voyager was always heading in one direction and on a faster ship? 7. Wesley Crusher. 8. Spatial anomalies. Enough of them! 9. Away missions. Always senior officers. Other crewmember when they need to get killed or hurt. Even for a rescure or combat mission they send chief security officer, chief engineer (!), science officer (!), captain (!!!). 10. Alien species with no cultural differences among their own people, like it is here, on Earth. They even dress simlarly, sometimes even all in the same colors!
  3. 31 is better - secrecy - you don't even know they did it, you don't even know someone did something, you don't even know they exist
  4. Two ideas for something new: >>> 1. Star Trek: Task Force Three ships together on a deep space mission. One of them could be the Titan with captain Riker. Deep space mission into Beta/Alpha quadrant. Or even to Gamma throught the wormhole. But the most important thing, three ships, three crews, all interacting, cooperating, dealing with each other. One big ship and two smaller. Perhaps Titan, a Nova class ship and some other, regular or supply vessel. Deep space missions would involve new races, but they would still be able to communicate with the Federation and to get assignments. If they would to explore Beta quadrant, we surely woud have some nice incidents with the Romulans B) >>> 2. Star Trek: ??? An old ship, used as a training vessel for cadets, gets lost somewhere. I know, you probably are going to say - another Voyager. But it would be the only way to keep them together on one ship for a log time ;) And I would really like to see cadets in action, how would they perform, I'd like to see them learnig, making mistakes, having difficulties adjusting to a new situation - and on a ship, not in the Academy. Of course there would be some senior staff with them, but only few.
  5. Continuity Watch c4 B) the link doesn't work :(
  6. Lots of lonely outpost with liitle defense capabilities and not many warships. Besides, planetary defenses are weak, even on Earth, for what I can see in movies and series.
  7. I think God follows the rule - you must believe in yourself. Have faith brother B)