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  1. STARGATE: SG1 is coming to end after ten seasons, but according to Michael Shanks who plays Doctor Daniel Jackson, the story doesn’t end there. In the works are two STARGATE: SG1 DVD movies that will wrap up the Season 10 Ori storyline, and then there will be a new stand alone adventure featuring the return of Richard Dean Anderson. Shanks also told iF MAGAZINE in an exclusive interview what his journey as Daniel has been like, and about the new series he is going to do with fellow STARGATE alum Christopher Judge. iF MAGAZINE: How do you feel about SG1 ending? MICHAEL SHANKS: I’ve been asked that question a lot. I gauged it by my gut reaction to the news that we had gotten cancelled, and that’s usually a huge telling sign if you are lying to yourself about certain things or trying to convince yourself of other things. When we got the news my initial reaction instead of being upset or angry was “whew” and I thought what was that? I waited for the aftermath of “Wow” or “oh Jesus” or something and it was just a feeling of, that’s it and we did it and it was due. It wasn’t because it didn’t feel like we had more to do, but now was a good time. It’s been awhile and we’ve had a long run than most people expected and we’ve lasted longer than most people expected. There’s very little that we didn’t get a chance to do on that show, that we could afford to do, so there’s not a feeling of bad endings. I think when I left the show for a couple of seasons I had feelings of unfulfilled business, which is one of the reasons I came back because there was still a pull or a draw for me. This time I don’t really feel that way. I think maybe its time to close the book. iF: In the latest episodes Daniel has been undergoing some changes. Are you back to normal yet? SHANKS: I believe last Friday was my only night in latex. [Laughs] And, how often do you say that? So after that we’ll see Daniel make a return to normal. iF: So how was it being covered in latex? Full Article
  2. Dreamweaver does cost about 400 pounds, so I would call that 'spending a lot of money'. not spending 'some' money. If you do a Google search for "open source wysiwyg html editor" you'll find a huge list of quality applications that will do the job, for free. I've used nvu ( www.nvu.com/ ) in the past, and never had a problem with it. wysiwyg = What You See is What You Get
  3. Yeah, it's mainly something I'm doing just for myself, but if the rental servers keep biooting us off, I'd think it'd be nice to have an 'in-house' server that is dedicated, where the host dosen't care how much resourses are being used.
  4. Yes indeed, yes indeed. No doubt some people are wondering "What in the hell happened to the iron Socialist Juggernaut?" Well, here's a very brief summery. I've been in jail, for reasons that I'd rather not get into (don't worry, it has nothing to do with anything from my online excapades). My legal bill literally costs more then I have earned in the past 6 years. And I have a reasonabally good paying job. So, I've been working 2 jobs to make ends meet, and to pay for my extravagant lifestyle. And doing odd techy jobs on the side. I recentelly got a contract with the hospital to build new billing computers. Also, I'm going to school for A+ w/ linux and networking (yes noobs, it is worth getting), doing stuff with my family (wife and kids / my own parents are getting old). That kinda stuff with my time off, no time whatsoever for foruming, IRCing, or the other stuff that I normally do. I havn't even been gaming all that much lately. This, right now is the first time I've sat down, not being wicked sore / super irritated from working and stressing out and realized that "Hey! I have some free time!" So I came here with the intention of making a few posts. Also, I've been slowly gathering the components and know-how for building a secure web server. Any fool can install apache or iis on their mothers Dell, but I intend to do it right. It's almost done, just have to sort out some software. And when it's finally done, I intend to host everything, and bring back the game servers. I plan to have it all up and running by mid-May.
  5. whoh, that IS some great news :)
  6. What was I doing during the murder? I was either encoding season 5 of Babylon 5 + the accumulated DVD extras, or I was out shoveling the 2 foot high snow that we got last night :( hope that helps the investigation :) Thanks for the hot tip Arktis, I must have missed the post where it defined why we all had jobs, and what we can do with them (like asking questions to the GM). I just assumed that it was a fluffy role playing thing, not an actual tool that we can use to get information.
  7. People can send me sunlight through the internets TFMF. Just remember that the internets is a bunch of tubes that can get clogged with junk, and it's not a big truck that you can just keep loading stuff on. So don't send me all the sunlight at once, because it'll clog up the internet. /
  8. I'm voting for mupi again, becuase I'm still not convinced that he's left town, and I'm still 100% convinced that he's a fiend.
  9. If I WAS a fiend, I'd be doing the exact same thing that other people are doing. I'd drop a huge clue in my posts, then use the strike through tag, and put something innocent / mundane afterwards. Only difference would be that I'd be retardedly obvious about the whole thing hoping that the 'hiding in plain sight' strategy would pay off. I'd say something like Boy, I sure am planning on killing reading with TetsuoShima today in the library. Yessir, I sure am excited about the violent murder that I'm planning reading Kubla Khan to each other out loud. Yep. TetsuoShima sure is a gorram deadman that just hasn't stopped moving yet good friend. And then I'd have killed TetsuoShima in the exact method that I forshadowed in my cheeky strike throughed text. If there is one thing that I think that EVERYONE can agree on, it's that I am NOT subtle about anything. If you want to look for clues, look for the people that are intentionally dropping them. Hell, I even INVITED people too send me garlic cloves, sunlight, and crucifixes.
  10. I'd like to officially distance myself from being catrgorized as a "Dr. Who Fan" at this time. Oh I still really enjoy the program, I still make Dr. Who refreneces in my day-to day life, I still have an iPod with a ton of Dr. Who remixes on it. But if it means that you believe in this kind of jive, is synonymous with being labled as a Dr. Who fan, then I don;t really want anything to do with that kind of title.
  11. It's an old mantra for people that pirate MP3's "Oh, Metallica already made their money, so it's morally okay to download their albums." I wonder if Steveo will hold a press conference soon and say "Oh, we at Apple have already made our money from the sales of iPods and iTunes. So we're going to sell our hardware at cost plus labor (Chinese sweatshops), un-DRM all the content, and tell THE MAN to go F himself!" If that ever happened, I for one will not only ditch Linux, and buy a Mac, but I'll actually buy stuff off the iTunes Store, instead of using it as a catolouge of "oh hey, I should go look for a torrent for that"
  12. Oh come on, Jobs is just saying what people wants to hear. Think about it. 1) Jobs owns Apple. 2) Apple owns the iPod (80+% of the portable audio device market) 3) Apple owns iTunes / The iTunes Store. 4) iTunes purchaced audio, and even Creative Commons licenced podcasts have DRM embedded in them. 5) Jobs says "Hey man, we only sell our stuff with DRM becuase the RIAA makes us" and people act as if he's some kind of "power to the people freedom fighter", while he's making millions from DRM hardcoded iPods, and DRM encoded audio. If Jobs REALLY wanted to talk the talk, and walk the walk, he'd take the DRM out of his products, THEN make a fuss about other companies DRM.
  13. ya, bloody pinkos, gawd they make me sick
  14. Yeah, I'm with ya brother! let's lynch that awful 's0viet'! / I'm off to add itsathirteen.com to my list of registered domain names. // Just for people that don't already know, I already own itsazero.com, to remind people that the second charecter in my name is a zero. So me tell funny joke. /// Send garlic cloves. crucifixes and sunlight to [email protected]
  15. In Soviet Union, personal effects belongs to state. Since mupi left the NiteShire without warning, his property could be concitered to be abandoned, and would rightfully be absorbed by the mayor and rediistributed to all the people. Therefor, all his base are belong to you.