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    Talking with God

    i like stevie wonder
  2. nuages

    Fear of Girls

    HAHAH reminds me of that other D&D parody someone on here linked to well maybe somewher else, the one with the coupon, thats was hilarious too, anyone got a link to that one. update:other video found
  3. nuages

    Firefly - "Season 2"

    i would love for this to go through :) i would be willing to pay ALOT per episode ALOT more then 3.99US. MMMMMM firefly :)
  4. nuages

    Canadian Federal Election

    what was the other??
  5. nuages

    Canadian Federal Election

    paul just dropped out as leader of the liberals he is still representing his riding. And i think the results means another election in a year or two :P i deffently think the liberals, block and ndp will want them out ASAP and it sounds like they have some rather strong bills they want to pass which will cause a strong reaction from the opposition.
  6. nuages

    The best DivX/XviD media players

    mplayer is totally sweet too, although not so much in windows, otherwise awesome. can run it from command line, which is sweet, if you like that kind of thing, and lots of options for different gui.
  7. nuages

    Has Science Fiction changed?

    its just harder to remember the alien vs. predators of the past, they were there though, things like that get easily forgotten though.
  8. nuages

    BSG going ape???

    defently not in planet of the apes, as imdb shows
  9. the real question is should science fiction have actual fiction?
  10. To me, there is no such thing as "fictional science" or "false science". Science is the search for truth/understanding about the universe/reality. Either it's true science or it's false fantasy. Science & falsehoods don't mix. If I was watching Trek, and suddenly I heard them say, "Flies spontaneously generate from rotten meat" or "We can cure disease by bleeding-out the bad ethers", I would call that a travesty. That's not Science. Those are lies. And finally "technobabble" = meaningless words = nothing. Worthless. I see no reason to include babble... just use the *actual words*. the hardest science fiction i've ever read, all has false science in it, it takes current science and says what if?? or makes up a new science some sort of new discovery. What you are describing is a romantic comedy about a nerdy female scientist discovering her inner beauty. and you can expect people to go flying around in science fiction, the difference is its explained in science fiction using some sort of science, real or not. In fantasy it is not explained or explained not using science.
  11. Yes it should, or fictional science. But i disagree with both your examples of futuristic fantasy. Either you need to broaden your definition of science, or remember science isn't using scientific terminology. Otherwise you cast alot of the great science fiction literature of the years into the pit of "futuristic fantasy", included in that is the Frank Herberts Dune Series, and Issac Asimov's Foundation series. WHat makes those classic books science fiction is the same thing that makes battlestar galactica science fiction. Even Star Wars is science fiction and for some of the same reasons, its alot lighter science fiction, still sci-fi all the same though.
  12. people on fire they won't shut up about it!!! i heard you the first time!!
  13. Okay, its the 30th O September finally!!! SERENITY!!!!! just making the topic to encourage discusison about it so when i get home from it, theres already a discussion about it :) LOTS OF MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!
  14. nuages

    Beta Quadrant

  15. nuages

    Beta Quadrant

  16. nuages

    Beta Quadrant

  17. nuages

    Beta Quadrant

    looking at that chart, janeway and crew were pretty dumb to make a straight path to earth, they were much closer to the gamma quadrant's end of the wormhole
  18. okay who would win in a cage fight, last one standing kind of thing. oh there is one knife in the cage, equal distance from all opponets.
  19. nuages

    Hand to Hand Combat

    I ran a bunch of statistics on this and worked it out mathematically turns out in a straight up hand to hand combat fought naked with no weapons in a completely empty room would go like this. Worf wins 67% of the time and Tuvok 49% of the time, and every 0.0004% of the time they get intimate<---- what a strange anomaly to run into!!
  20. nuages

    TV: Firefly

    maybe simon just lied the first time?
  21. nuages


    you trully are a god among something or other, anyways thanks a ton!!! been wanting to see this series again since i found out what it was called, since all i could remember is random stuff, so great someone actually found all this stuff, i thought i would never see it again.
  22. nuages


    I enjoy Lagostina pots quite a bit, but i find it has to be mind over Lagostina, otherwise stuff burns or boils over, our your sauces end up clumpy, and vegetables overcooked
  23. nuages

    George Lucas?

    not to mention his crystal meth addiction
  24. nuages

    New Star Trek film... the Scoop

    where does this earth romulan war stuff come from???
  25. nuages

    Alien life

    Where is the I have no idea if there is or not?