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  1. No. Twern't me (as TFMF was kind enough to point out). I've limited my modding for just such a reason. I will refer anything questionable I see to TFMF and let him deal with it. My rep has suffered enough I do believe. Any further "miss-statements" will lead me to renounce my modding duties and prolly resign from the forum as well. B) Actually, I was just saying HI....... :D
  2. 500 meg of webspace would be ideal for "Revenge of the Jastas", a mod for the computer game "Red Baron 3D" by Sierra/Dynamix. Here's a taste: ;D :D ;D
  3. VonHelton


    I just want money....... ;D
  4. Oh my, I think I need a drool bucket......STAT! :D
  5. haha, although i can see your reasoning, it was not c4....this time ;) ;D naa, just been having some database issues. Should be fixed now, although a few posts may have been lost. Well, I went from "The Big Kuhna" down to Ambassador.........What a demotion! (I think!) :o Anyways, I'll be here as/when I can.......... :D
  6. I coulda sworn I posted in this thread........ Heya C4! ;D
  7. There is circumstancial evidence (from the FAA no less!) that Flight 93 landed in Ohio, and did not participate in 9/11........ :o
  8. Ha! Go read the comments from the Ex-Checker, heck, go read Blair's words! They are bending over for Muslims all the time, granting them special rights, when they should be deporting the lot of them. :-\
  9. Where you been? The UN is 65% Islamic countries.........And when Europe falls to Islam, it'll be 80%. :o
  10. Muslims need to be free from Islam........1,000+ years of bondage is enough, IMHO! >:(
  11. The govt has 35 video tapes of the attack on the Pentagon. To date, they refuse to release any of them in their entirety....... So, if there's no conspiracy, why withold the tapes? ::)
  12. http://www.apostatesofislam.com/ http://www.iranian.ws/cgi-bin/iran_news/exec/view.cgi/8/14898 http://www.angelfire.com/moon/yoelnatan/koranwarpassages.htm http://www.rd.com/content/openContent.do?contentId=31196 http://www.answering-islam.org/ http://www.anti-cair-net.org/ There.......Hopefully that will shed some light on the subject. ;D
  13. Has our govt sold us out to Mexico? .....Yes. Millions of illegals flood our borders every year. Yet, when Saudi Arabia is mentioned, the thought that our govt sold us out suddenly become impossible. ;D
  14. Not quite........ The Bible & Torah did not have at their core, conquest of the world by the sword. Like I said, read the Koran & accompaning booklets. ::) [br]Posted on: March 17, 2007, 10:16:39 PM "Look and see! Here is a Jew hiding behind this tree, COME AND KILL HIM!" - the "Holy" Koran ::) Show me something similar in the Torah or Bible.......
  15. Yes, keep believing that the threat is only "a few isolated terrorists perverting a religion of peace".........Then go read the Koran, Surah's & Haddiths for yourself. B)