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    Wesley Crusher?

    Coincidentally I had the same discussion IRL recently (yes, before this post) and found out there and then that there are people who actually hate Wesly Crusher! I don't care that much either way other than that storylines with Wesley in them seemed a bit hastedly done IMO. Example: Did you know he 'invented' nannites in STNG? p.s. BorisP --> know what you mean but in my experience people (not just adults) do not like to be made aware of their stupidity. :-)
  2. Looney247

    Will you use the tracker after ENT is cancelled?

    Well I have to stay! I got totally addicted to the new Galactica series (2003/2004) which is gonna start with season 2 soon :cyclops: (you bet I'm a sci-fi junkie..)
  3. 300 kbps as lowest speed and 9600/28800/33600 Kbps ?!?!? No way! It was 300 bps in those days (not K's yet) :-)
  4. The show is not your typical Sci-Fi show because it's not just technology/alien babble. It's a new style, or mix if you will, of story telling which reminds me of other TV shows like Earth 2 and V but with a touch of I, Robot. It's an exciting, sometimes strange, new TV series and I've become an instant fan. :cyclops: What about you?
  5. Looney247

    ENT: "Enterprise" Film is dead

    No they really are very narrow, but if you use IE they become a little (smidgen) larger..
  6. Looney247

    Best Star Trek Series

    I did .. happy now? :D But seriously, I like every Star Trek show.. can't choose between them.
  7. The Anomalous Technobabble Conundrum Guide For example did you know that a "Sector" is "about twenty light-years of space"?
  8. Looney247

    Ur desktop - sooooo

    This woman collects some quality Star Trek Wallpapers: Aline's Collection of Star Trek Wallpaper :)
  9. Looney247

    ENT: Enterprise Canceled

    I fully agree with this statement: From: http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/585/585432p2.html
  10. Looney247

    ENT: Enterprise - 4x11 - Observer Effect

    I loved this episode.. it felt like I was watching a mini-movie. :D The parts I loved are.. : - they're not battling aliens again.. - the aliens are not attacking enterprise.. - there was a real deadline that felt to be coming closer and deadlier by the minute ("hurry up!"-effect) - the story was packed into one single episode (and not the 'to be continued..' bull****) - 'schock' moments e.g. when the dead wake up :cyclops: - 'excitement' e.g. you almost hear yourself say "they're acting weird, call for red alert!" - .. and best of all is the "oh no!" effect when 2 of the main crew die and all seems lost. Oh yeah.. it rocks, I just hope they keep this standard of quality for the rest of the season.
  11. Looney247

    Favorite U.S.S. Enterprise

    To see an overview of the different Enterprise classes check out this link: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/trek/trekship.htm