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  1. Killeravocado

    star trek torrents

    I don't think they'll be around too long if there aren't any seeds.
  2. Killeravocado

    What non-Sci-Fi shows do you watch?

    Jeez, all you scifi nerds... God, I hate Sci Fi more than Kirk hates KHAN!!!
  3. Killeravocado

    Leaked Dr Who Pictures..POSSIBLE SPOILERS...

    This looks pretty cool. Reminds me of Pike in TOS of ST.
  4. Killeravocado

    Star Trek Aliens...

    Ok, I think of it like this... Animals evolved to suit their envrioments. Mountian goats have sure footing, Fish that are adapted to live in the ocean bottom die when they are brought to the surface, Rats are able to go into pretty much any space. Humans are able to change, adapt and mold things to the way that they need them. Like in Enterprise there were the Xindi, who had five different types of humanoid species. So IMO Klingons evolved to battle, not to think. Ferengi evolved to have money... I don't know I'm pretty hung over. My whole point is that, maybe other alien speices don't think the way that humans do, they don't aspire for anything more, and the ones that are are outcast.
  5. Killeravocado

    your favorite food (yum!)

    hmm... favorite food... I'd have to say fried chicken! Or chicken fried steak... or country fried steak... or pork fried steak... Pretty much, take a piece of meat put a coating on it... fry it up... slap some gravy on it... Yum! I am white btw...
  6. Killeravocado

    WAR: Vulcan vs Klingon - Who wins?

    I agree/disagree with you. It'd be more like Priate vs Ninja... But I don't want to start that... Klingons use shear strength and power to defeat their enemy. Vulcans, depending upon the time, would use Logic and Tech to defeat their enemy. Both races really don't use emotions. Klingons find honor in death. So IMHO, they would put more at stake and go after the prize. Whereas the Vulcans would make a 'tatical retreat' regroup, repair, rearm and go after them stinky Klingons agian. I'm going to go off of my favorite era, TNG, for my ideas for who would win. In space, it's pretty much a dead heat. I could imagine the start of a major war between the klingons and the vulcans, the Klingons would win hands down in the start. They (Klingons), IMO, would use their cloak, sneek, and blow up ship after ship. The Vulcans would eventually figure out how to see right through their cloak, and be able to fend off attacks. Klingons would then use shear strength to try to deafeat the Vulcans... I can see 3 or 4 Klingon ships on one vulcan ship at a time, like pack hunting. I can then see the Vulcans doing something to mess up the Klingon supply lines, and starving them from the inside out. So, IMHO, the Vulcans would win the space war with great loss of ships, officers, personal, and resources. Hand to hand combat on the other hand would be really interesting to see. Vulcans running around like mongooses (sp) attacking the cobras (klingons). Though vulcans have a more logical sense to battle, but there isn't any logic in battle, so IMHO the Klingons would win hand to hand. So a total war between the two races, to me, would keep going indefinatly.
  7. Killeravocado

    [Poll] Most useful feature of the forum

    I voted for the side bar, mostly for the IRC chat that tells me if the chat is active or not.
  8. Killeravocado

    subject? LCars i guess?

    and there all the same panel just glued somewhere else! lol! nice!! the bottom one looks reallly good! Thanx! It took me all of four minutes!
  9. Killeravocado

    What non-Sci-Fi shows do you watch?

    I like alot of science channel specials... I also like Dirty Jobs, scrubs, South Park, Family Guy, the Simpsons... Most things that will make me laugh.
  10. Killeravocado

    What's a good WWII sim?

    Codename: Panzers is a pretty good one... Can't go wrong with Company of Heros for PC either.
  11. Killeravocado

    Over Hyped Cloverfield

    I bought the freakin DVD for the 'extra' features... and it wasn't anything... AARGH!!! But I think sometype of after something should happen.
  12. Killeravocado

    Where are you when you post/read?

    I'm usually always on NiteSciFi in the bathroom... It's peaceful.
  13. Killeravocado

    subject? LCars i guess?

    Hmm... I thought LCars was just in TNG?
  14. Killeravocado

    NiteShire Werewolf Redux

    I voted ulysses first!!!
  15. Killeravocado

    subject? LCars i guess?