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  1. Rebellion

    Why I think Voyager gets a bad rep.

    Voyager p4wnz 'nuff said
  2. Rebellion

    Star Trek Voyager

    Arr so im like curious as to what happened to the ocampa, seeing as the caretaker dropped dead and all. Any facts about what happened or does anyone have some theory?
  3. Rebellion

    Bambi got 0wned

  4. Rebellion

    Useful Military Warnings

    lol first one is funny :D
  5. Rebellion

    Which Empire Shall Rule The 21st Century?

    For king and country!
  6. Rebellion

    The PirateBay

    Wtf? hacking the police? They didnt do anything... The police simply did what they were ordered to do! *stabs hackers*
  7. Rebellion

    The PirateBay

    News story in english To my ears, it sounds like the arrest and seizure of the servers are illegal, as there is no laws that are broken technically. The swedish government needs to toughen up :rolleyes: Edit : Another news thingie
  8. Rebellion

    Utopia Planitia Yards is Online!

    You could point out that U.S.S Voyager is one of the few starships which can actually land on planets :o *stabs c4evap for not pointing that out*
  9. Rebellion

    Invisibility Cloak - A Theoretical Actuality

    Sounds cool! *schemes World Domination*
  10. Rebellion

    Need help with school work -.-

    Yea you are indeed too late ^^ but i'll be hearing if its a yay or nay on Wednesday, and you could point out a bit more precisely what i need to improve, otherwise its just whining B)
  11. Rebellion

    Graphics Cards!

    If you are planning on buying a new graphics card anytime soon, i strongly suggest you wait until after Christmas, because they will be releasing DX10 cards or something high-techy around that time, which undoubtedly leads to a price drop in other cards! Patience...
  12. Rebellion

    Need help with school work -.-

    Thanks for all the help ^^ Got it done now and i think its pretty decent.
  13. Rebellion

    Need help with school work -.-

    I already did a bit about Black Holes :o
  14. Rebellion

    Need help with school work -.-

    Im an english student too, and feel free to play grammar nazi in 5 minutes cause im updating it ^^ Edit: oh and that link seems to be the exact same as the wikipedia one. Edit2: Its updated
  15. Rebellion

    Need help with school work -.-

    Yes tomorrow, and grammar doesnt matter at the moment, i'll fix that later ^^ and i've already been to google and wikipedia -.-