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  1. Hawth

    Remember Me?

    I'm Hawth - remember me? :P LOL Been a long time guys & gals. Was offline for a loooooong time - but now back. I've been checking through my cookies/old sites/boards. Gonna spend a day aquainting myself with the board. Hope to catch up with old friends soon. Hawth Edit I notice I'm a chief now, ROFL B)
  2. Hawth

    Gmail Invites, come and get'em

    Pretty please [email protected] Many thanks
  3. Was googling when I found this ( haven't seen a reference on the site), & thought I'd share it with you. http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060124-6036.html Hypocrisy at it's best.
  4. Hawth

    The end of S2

    I've just uploaded a torrent for all of Season 2 - Grab it now!!
  5. Hawth

    Has Atlantis Undermined the Ancients?

    Wow! That's a couple of neat theories! I like them both! :)
  6. Hawth

    The name 'Niteshdw'

    I just stumbled upon here one day, & I've never left. I found lots of 'booty' more precious than any treasure. AHAARRRRR!!! :stare:
  7. Hawth

    Do you Smoke?

    I gave up 4.5 years ago, after 20+ years. Was smoking 20-40 a day, just finished smoking a ciggie & thought to myself ' I don't enjoy this anymore' & gave up. I found it easy, have never felt the urge (although I have had cause, Mother dying from Cancer, Wife leaving me & My business folding, leaving me bankrupt for £130,000). If you set a date - you can talk yourself out of it, you really have to want to do it. When you want it - you will just do it, no cutting down, no patches, no New Year resolution, just a smoke free zone! When you do it, after a while you will find you can taste things you didn't before(yummy!), you can smell on other people what you used to smell like (Barf!). But remember - you are VERY likley to put weight on, watch out! (it took me 3 years to lose what I put on). All you have to do is.... Want it, Mean it & you will do it. If you are planning to give up - I wish you luck, you won't look back. ;)
  8. Hawth

    Hello everyone

    A Party!! Who's got the Beeeeer???? Welcome to our little community... pull up a chair & have a drink - lol
  9. You are entitled to your opinion, there are a few of us who think different, it was a 'fresh' new series with a lot of potential. I liked it and do want to see the movie. :)
  10. Hawth

    Space Above And Beyond

    Yup - thought it was good - so good I got all the episodes. If anyone wants a copy, let me know - I do all in .avi or, I have converted the episodes onto 6 DVDR's. I can do a torrent for either. :)
  11. Hawth

    Elite Force multiplayer?

    I'll give it a go - name the time & IP! oh, & whether u wanna play 1 or 2 (still waitin for a seeder so I can complete my d/l of the expansion pack - stuck at 96.4% - GRRRRR!)
  12. Hawth

    How old are you?

    43 here!
  13. Hawth

    Do you Smoke?

    Hmm... No 'Have you smoked, but given up?' I gave up 4 years ago, my family & friends smoke - but I have never been tempted to start up again. I must admit, I found it easier than I thought it would be.