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  1. happy birthday ts 'party on dude, most excellent' p.s. hows ya new tribe?
  2. lol type qaplah into babel fish, surely the ut works the same way, if you speak a word that isn't recognised as being in the tongue of the ut holder then it uses the same word.
  3. worse thing about vista imo is the explorer interface (prefer up too breadcrumbs tbh) has a dual boot system too ubuntu/XP
  4. I voted 3 while i'll admit the poor episodes in series 3 were bad the good episodes where better than any in other seasons imo. btw peter kaye episode was in series 2. DT>CE by far (tho theres some great episodes in 1)
  5. lol seen this somewhere on this forum before lol disturbing lol
  6. damn maybe they got the years mixed up :( if the 3 specials are like film length episodes (90 mins) then i'll forgive them perhaps. definately not marvelous news tho lol
  7. lmao brthday today celebrating till wednesday :P
  8. lol thx guys :D i got till Wednesday to celebrate lol. i am getting drejc to sit my tribal wars account (if he's still active).
  9. yeah ^^ deadzone.co.nr is the location as TFMF says :) theres a reset coming up mav 1st september
  10. shame safari has more security vulnerabilities than ie tho or i'd use it
  11. hmmm think the ps3 runs linux in the same way as the 360 runs windows perhaps :P
  12. yeah you might find better responces on the deadzone forum btw i am ghost in the game and in the forum there. beams/comps is an old issue and it does depend on your opponent, if you are attacking lesser players then comps should remain lower (come across the 'youre huge ship has given the planet ample time to defend itself' warning when you sofa a planet? that means youre comps are too high essentially so in that situation beams are the better upgrade, also don't forget armour. as a general rule of thumb that i tend to play i keep the comps beams and armour at the same level, it makes the calculations easy as you have an attack power of 3x the comps value.
  13. first up thx for the praise for the game :) if you wish to know how the development has progressed and get some insider info and game playing tips then the DeadZone forum could help out (http://deadzone.co.nr and click on forum) As for the question well essentially the 3 elements involved (power, beams and shields) work as follows power is the amount of energy on your ship this can be distributed as you see fit beams are your attacking strength, when it comes to attacking a planet having good beams helps a lot shields are the defensive part of your ship shields are most useful when you are being attacked by bigger players. shields and beams also come into it for planetary defense with the planets energy being like the ships power. ok the maths essentially if you have L20 beams this is the same number of units as L20 computers if you use your beams in an attack on a ship or a planet then you lose that amount of energy from your power. shields work in a similar role for if you are attacked. what i do in the game is think of 4 if you have L18 power then you can supply L20 beams and L20 shields (2+2=4) i tend to have beams 2 higher than power with shields one behind this means i still have power on my ship after an attack (just incase someone else jumps in and attacks) hope this helps and I'm glad you are enjoying the game :)
  14. lol well the running title for the remake is Space 2099 if thats what you mean lol