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  1. killbenau

    star wars or star trek

    star wars is but fodder for a trekkie.
  2. killbenau

    YES or NO

    no, and for good reason!
  3. killbenau

    Favorite Comedy Show

    I always liked him best in Lolita. My favorite comedic actor is George W. Bush (HA!) Arrested Development, although the second season isn't as good; Simpsons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Reno 911, I always liked Strangers with Candy. Yeah lolita was awesome. I only just watched it the other day. Love Stanley Kubrick films. And yes george bush is a great actor. Problem is he believes everything he says.
  4. killbenau

    ENT: What do your instincts tell you about Enterprise?

    Does that mean you think enterprise will live on, but only in ten forward?
  5. killbenau

    ENT: Enterprise - 4x16 - Divergence

    I am now officially in love with this show. Intriguing.
  6. killbenau

    Earth - Mars Laser Link

    No, but the carrier didnt return.
  7. killbenau

    Oil on Mars?

    i have to say, since joining this site, not only have i been able to watch episodes of my favourite shows, but i have also learnt so much from all you guys on this site. This is a great place to be.
  8. killbenau

    Mars Poles and the Ice

    this is great. Thanks.
  9. killbenau

    Sci Fi Genre

    I would say adventure as they usually house various types of playing.
  10. killbenau

    question about voyager...

    Gee i miss voyager. The doc was my fav character.
  11. killbenau

    ENT: $3 Million Donation!

    Wow. lets hope it makes a difference.
  12. killbenau

    which would you captain?

    Voyager without a shadow of a doubt. Stuck in the delta quadrant with seven of nine couldnt be all bad!
  13. killbenau

    Star Trek 11

    only i would have known this had i clicked the original link at the beginning. Der to me.
  14. killbenau

    Star Trek 11

    also found this Something is happening. But what? Star Trek XI: It's confirmed that Erik Jendresen ("Band of Brothers") will pen the script.
  15. killbenau

    Star Trek 11

    Found this on Darkhorizons.com So its gonna be on the romulan war. About time. Star Trek XI Script Sales has registered the next film already and delivers a logline hint - "To possibly center around the Romulan war". Erik Jendresen penned the script which Rick Berman, Jordan Kerner and Kerry McCluggage will develop.