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  1. I have one major gripe with this otherwise pretty good episode - it has no redeeming ending and leaves the most interesting part (how does the doc recuperate?) out. Come to think about it, there's basically no coda at all in this one. By the way, nice rant ;-) Go Go Ensign Random …
  2. I think the shared meals add to the "human(oid) feeling" of Star Trek and from a narrative point of view, it's both the most basic and most natural way to create a "not-on-duty" dialogue scene and atmosphere. Therefore most of the "eating" in ENT felt rather pointless, because it actually happened on duty or - even worse - was an important part of it, which contradicts the point I just made.
  3. Why not? They had no problem melting and exploding one … … in the first season, no less! Point of interest: That was censored for German TV. Rightfully so, I might add.
  4. Honestly, I don't understand one thing: "Dropping the f-bomb" and public swearing seems to be the worst thing ever in the United States, yet it is often used as a stylistic device in American movies and shows. In some cases a character hardly uses more than the infamous four-lettered words (This hilarious example comes to mind: ). As Tigerplayer pointed out, things seem to be a tad more lax around here.
  5. Sadly for NiteShwd, they are still around and seem to be invincible. Personally I find that amusing considering I am outside the US and the MPAA can gracefully kiss my behind anyway.
  6. Actually, it's not. It is this one: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Counterpoint_%28episode%29 The crew being totally harassed while being forced to listen to a playful tune is something else from the usual weekly borg bashing.
  7. As I said in another thread, I like "Counterpoint" because it features a clever plot, an unique use of classic music and a non-violent solution at the top of it.
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    Assuming the spoilers are accurate, part one of "Of Gods and Men", the (too) ambitious fan film directed by Tim Russ, has exactly the same plot. Get yourself a throwaway E-Mail address and watch part one, it's hilarious. They casually blow up Vulcan for instance …
  9. If I were forced to pick one from the list, it would be Relativity. But since none of the mentioned episodes is outstandingly good (albeit some are mindless fun), I might as well name my own favorite. I am thinking of Counterpart with its use of music and the whole concept of protagonist and antagonist constantly outsmarting each other. Although somewhat simple, it's certainly more educated and clever than plotless waste like Tsunkatse or Muse.
  10. A puny 9 hours and 35 minutes
  11. 1024kbps down / 128kbps up. I can live with it.
  12. Besides the remains of the old nitescfi times and a I-X movie box, I have started to follow two of the book series: http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Star_Trek:_Enterprise_%28Pocket%29 ("The Good that Men do" upwards) http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Star_Trek:_Mirror_Universe (very mean - I love it!)
  13. VOY: Someone to watch over me. One of the bittersweet Seven-Of-Nine episodes in the later seasons.
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    Trek Actors

    I think he might be referring to Susanna Thompson who played the queen in Voyager (except endgame). I actually prefer her over Mrs. Krige.
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    I thought they were going to ignore the canon for ST XI anyway? Something along the lines "the canon is more of a drawback than a help"?