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  1. Course Oblivion has to be the best, if only the real voyager had found them then they would of got those cool warp drive improvements. so sad :'(
  2. nice little episode. is there romance in the air?
  3. maybe nim's a leprechaun Where's me lucky charms Nim?!
  4. I find this whole thing quite amusing. The fact that a cartoon of muhammad wearing a bomb shaped turban has caused people to come out protesting and threatening to blow Europeans up just enforces the streotype, thus the protest do more harm than the cartoon. As for the heaven running out of virgins cartoon, thats just funny.
  5. change will probably when technology eliminates the need for a large labour force.
  6. lamp

    Your favorite empire

    corporate empire, the day of will come when microsoft will take over the world. we're doomed i tell you.
  7. you must of closed your mind to the truth.
  8. hmm that would be kirks enterprise.
  9. i've downloaded the first two episodes and quite enjoy it. but the video seems to stop to early i.e. before the end credits, thus i do not know if it is stoping at the end. i think it is near the end possibly 5 or 10 more seconds left. it cuts out during the shooting star scene (ep1) and while the monster is just coming out of the water to swallow the boat (ep2). Its really bugging me, anyone else having this problem???
  10. noooooooo!!!!!! i'm no longer a chief :(
  11. you probably know its not so why ask. because sarcasm held a gun at my head and made me