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  1. SOV13T, Valid points, and I agree to an extent. However, dedicated roleplayers often have a tendancy to band together and form their own communities, to try to enrich their playing environment and avoid the very things you mentioned. With proper leadership and talented folks creating scenarios, events and plots, mmorpgs can be a fascinating and very worthwhile avenue for immersive and in-depth rp. To sum, idiots can always be ignored.
  2. qkghost

    Instant Messangers

    ICQ myself, mainly due to the tendancy of my gaming buddies to use it for out of game communication.
  3. Being a 7+ year veteran of the mmorpg; Ultima Online, and dabblings in various other online games (EQ, DAoC, SWG, among others) I've had vast experience in online gaming trends, mechanics developments, player bases and roleplaying communities. I expect a good future for STO, if the the developers have learned lessons from the failings of other previous online games. As I've stated to my UO comrades, once STO hits beta, they shouldn't expect to see me for a very long time. :D I've been waiting for an online game to cater to my Trek addiction for many years and when I heard the news last year of the development of STO, I nearly fainted. My main concern is the potential rp (roleplay) of the game. The best rp community, imho, that you'll find is within UO, due to the lack of environmental constraints that the original developers based the game on. I hope STO won't be limited to: find ship, destroy, repair, rinse & repeat. Much like the highly-popular, yet quickly grinding Worlds of Warcraft. I'd like to be able to rp the life of my character to the fullest, without constraints, wherever he finds himself in the galaxy. Also I littled piffed about the choices for starting races. Romulans and Klingons were mentioned as 'possible' expansion races, I'd much prefer a promise here or there. I'm not big on the idea of rping a Tellerite. :p (And yes, btw, it will most definately be pay-per play, as are all mmog/rpgs. I'd expect a monthly bill, tbh.)
  4. qkghost

    History Channel To Produce Star Trek Special

    Even if we don't learn anything new, more Trek coverage means more eyes watching. Mayhaps we'll catch a few more flys in our web, and this could lead to more push towards extending Enterprise or production of another series.
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    How many seasons?

    Yessir! ;) Didn't mean to come off sounding negative or confrontational in that last post, was just being playful. My apologies. :)
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    How many seasons?

  7. qkghost

    How trekkie are u????

    I consider myself a trekkie, but certainly not a 'freak'. I wouldn't say that because a person enjoys something and tries to immerse themself in it they are a 'freak'. Think of all the things people delve into. Sports fans, for example. Someone who may have had season tickets for a certain team every year for decades. Maybe they go to the game with some buddies and paint the team name on their chests, or wear one of those giant foam '# 1' on their hand. They're certainly enthusiastic about what they do, but not freakish. I own all the movies, and have the complete series of TOS, TNG, and DS9 on VHS (vhs, yuck). I have a poster from Search for Spock on my dorm wall that I've had since I was a child, always damn proudly displayed. I've been to several sci-fi conventions, but I've never had the courage to go in costume. However, if I had the guts, and someone to go with me, I'd jump on the chance to dress up as a Cardassian and oppress the weaker races at the convention! ;) *Note* Now this may be blasphemy for a trekkie, but....Voyager is not allowed in my dorm room, and never shall be! B)
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    Have You Donated To NITESHDW?

    Just made my first donation. Wasn't much, as I'm a college student on a very limited budget, but I'll try to send a bit every week or so. And I'm with GeneralLee, this site in itself is a godsend for me. No need for prizes, niteshdw.net is a prize itself! :D
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    Solar Sail launches in a few months!

    I'm sorry, but this is just pure pwnage! Best luck and wishes to the Planetary Society, and much gratitude for demonstrating human ingenuity and bringing us one step deeper into the cosmos.
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    online pc gaming

    UO Ultima Online, and looking forward to STO.