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  1. Cute. ::) Yet true :P Oh, WHATEVER. I try to make a boring game fun and this is what I get... guess who supplied the "crazy" angle? The game master. He then told me to KEEP IT UP when I repeatedly wanted out. And you think it is funny to basically call me an attention whore. Not cool. Not cool. I don't need to be punished for trying to have fun and liven up a boring game when I'm told not to leave and instead just behave nuts. I've already got enough crap from gatherhade and from being all of your personal court jester.
  2. No, I don't. At the time, I simply deleted it as I normally do with all my private messages. It looked useless. Then, you told me it was most likely useful, so I requested it be shown to everyone before the vote, as if you were right, then it had relevance to that. Now it seems again to have been useless anyways. So, whatever. *goes back to rampaging around the ship*
  3. *bangs on the nearest computer console* Computer! Where is the information I requested?! All screens at all terminals, NOW PLEASE. >:( *wipes the green foam from his mouth* I swear... this computer hates me. I've only made two requests of it since the storm, and the only response I've ever received came DAYS LATER. And now I'm asking for the SAME INFORMATION to be displayed to the rest of the crew, and NOTHING. Where's that engineer? I'm going to KILL HIM. *picks up a hyper-spanner and goes off in search of the engineer* Maybe I should kill the doctor first... or smash the main computer banks. Well, whoever/whatever I run into first, then.
  4. Arktis

    Star Trek Word Game

    Neuro-cortical stimulator :o ;D
  5. Computer, display the information you sent me in response to my inquiry about tampering with logs on all displays at all terminals. And fetch me a blue doggy. A cocker spaniel. And some gravy. So I can eat him. I must replenish my strength, for I feel rather Ill. VERY Ill. I think it might have been something he ate.
  6. I vote we all scan Arktis again, because he likes how it tickles. *runs off down the corridor*
  7. *groan* Salad forks... mrmbles... celery picks... *moan*
  8. There's a good one here: http://www.midwinter.com/lurk/countries/master/eplist.html
  9. Tee Hee Hawwwww! *slaps bones in the face with a glove* Strike! ;D *Turns around, slamming his forehead into the bulkhead, promptly falling unconscious*
  10. I vote for Arktis too. Clearly, he's suffering from space madness. It must be caused by a hideous brain parasite.
  11. Yeah, NOBODY had it. I called all around, in two cities... :'( This is what I have, btw: http://www.permatex.com/products/automotive/specialized_maintenance_repair/auto_glass_maintenance_repair/Permatex_Quick_Grid_Rear_Window_Defogger_Repair_Kit.htm You can't tell from the picture, but it's just a little brush with a stencil and some gunk to dip and paint on. I found a site with an article that references the exact same product and recommends it for fixing the contacts for buttons on remote controls... not exactly helpful to me. :D Edit: According to the Material Safety Data Sheet pdf (linked to on that page), it uses silver! So I guess the guy at the shop was wrong...
  12. So I need to solder to a couple circuits, but they look copper and don't stick to my solder... I was told I could use something called a "circuit repair pen" which basically paints on a bit of conductive metallic stuff which I can then solder to. I called all around and nobody had anything like it. I was told I might be able to buy a small kit for fixing the rear window heating wires on a car because it basically does the exact same thing; allows you to paint on a conductive metal to fix broken areas of the heat circuits that go through your back window. So, I went to NAPA auto parts and they had one, however the guy at the store told me that it had some kinda conductive gold stuff and so I am not sure if it is usable for my purposes or not. It seems like it should be, but I just don't know...