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  1. for me, its house dirty jobs man vs wild alot of diy stuff thats all i can think of right now. I really like scifi shows!
  2. if guild wars is the game i am willing to buy it.
  3. you got it right the first time. multi games not players
  4. wow that was great. such old outdated stuff.
  5. i started my own site but just to try to see what i can do. i 2 games on it right now timewars aka deadzone empire of time aka aatraders tried a few forums a few blogs an online course software. a gallery will like to get my deal or no deal game on it, but got sided-tracked over the christmas season i am out of ideas for my site. if anybody has an idea, let me know. i will try to right it.
  6. My sister plays on grab.com i personally find it boring and with their point system, she always sending me challenges. their games are stupid. Just want to know what you guys think.
  7. i like java c++ is ok vb and all visual studio are stupid qbasic cobol etc is old front page is ok but not a programming language. learning html, vc#, dreamweaver and fireworks. will like to learn php but i am trying to learn alot already. will have to wait for that.
  8. i use cucusoft's dvd to ipod its quick and only 39 dollars
  9. when i seen osgood go for that last save, my heart almost stopped.
  10. ok was trying a few sigs out. do you like?
  11. www.evogame.org this is better then ogame. it is a fast game.
  12. sorry didn't see the deposit part.
  13. this sounds good. http://www.entropia-universe.com/index.var