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  1. Dark Knight

    What non-Sci-Fi shows do you watch?

    for me, its house dirty jobs man vs wild alot of diy stuff thats all i can think of right now. I really like scifi shows!
  2. Dark Knight


    if guild wars is the game i am willing to buy it.
  3. Dark Knight

    Happy Birthday QUEENSPOCK

    happy birthday!
  4. Dark Knight

    What gaming site you like? A site with multigames.

    you got it right the first time. multi games not players
  5. Dark Knight

    The Obsolete Technology Band

    wow that was great. such old outdated stuff.
  6. i started my own site but just to try to see what i can do. i 2 games on it right now timewars aka deadzone empire of time aka aatraders tried a few forums a few blogs an online course software. a gallery will like to get my deal or no deal game on it, but got sided-tracked over the christmas season i am out of ideas for my site. if anybody has an idea, let me know. i will try to right it.
  7. My sister plays on grab.com i personally find it boring and with their point system, she always sending me challenges. their games are stupid. Just want to know what you guys think.
  8. Dark Knight

    favorite programming language

    i like java c++ is ok vb and all visual studio are stupid qbasic cobol etc is old front page is ok but not a programming language. learning html, vc#, dreamweaver and fireworks. will like to learn php but i am trying to learn alot already. will have to wait for that.
  9. Dark Knight

    DVD to MP4 converter

    i use cucusoft's dvd to ipod its quick and only 39 dollars
  10. Dark Knight

    Red Wings Win the Stanley Cup

    when i seen osgood go for that last save, my heart almost stopped.
  11. Dark Knight


    ok was trying a few sigs out. do you like?
  12. Dark Knight


    www.evogame.org this is better then ogame. it is a fast game.
  13. Dark Knight


    sorry didn't see the deposit part.
  14. Dark Knight

    new games

  15. Dark Knight


    this sounds good. http://www.entropia-universe.com/index.var