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  1. psheldrake1

    Renting movies

    I rent movies for $ .99 Can. I can buy bootlegs at the store for $ 5.00 Can The last movie I got was the returner. Great comedy.
  2. psheldrake1

    New releases coming our way

    Another waist of film
  3. psheldrake1

    What DVDs did you buy recently?

    BUY? As long as there is an internet. I will not support the MPAA or RIAA
  4. psheldrake1

    Explain Yourself

    None of you're f'n business
  5. psheldrake1

    How many times have you changed your avatar?

    Never had one to change.
  6. psheldrake1

    Would you nuke Iran's reactors?

    Anyone the condones war is realy sick and in need of treatment.
  7. I will agree with that statement to a point. I also live in TGWN. We do have problems with the MPAA ip here. Our gov. is just as bad as theirs is now.
  8. I'll download until they pry my mouse from my cold dead hand.
  9. psheldrake1

    War, what is it good for?

    Population control. Without wars we would be over populated within a 5 decades
  10. psheldrake1

    Dont let the UN Control US

    Don't worry to much about it ghostshadow. There will be a new pawn for the US to use soon in Canada. The liberal gov. will be gone and the bush, butt licking conservitives will be right there.
  11. psheldrake1

    Where's Elderbear?

    It's winter. He's hibernating. He's a bear after all
  12. psheldrake1

    Anyone for a timeshare

  13. psheldrake1

    IT Schools

    Japan is always looking for experienced teachers. I'm thinking that a 2 year stint would be good for me. In about 5 years from now.
  14. psheldrake1

    Do you have a sense of humour?

    Are you related to Jack Elam or Marty Feldman
  15. psheldrake1

    IT Schools

    pontyrogof The best way I've found to learn comps is to read. If you need help in finding the right books (ebooks) PM me and I'll give you a link to some great stuff.