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    Resident Evil

    Which one are we talking about? I didn't play the first one, but the subsequent ones have all been better than the previous one. I still occassionally play with RE4 on my PS2. Actually, I bought my PS2 to play RE4.
  2. Maybe a Jekyll and Hyde kind of deal? Only saw a portion of an episode, but didn't really want to get too invested (sci-fi on NBC?). But if it gets the community's approval, maybe I should check it out after all...
  3. Horror movie fan, are you Tablet? Bought TF&TF: Tokyo Drift three days ago, and got my first ticket in four years yesterday. ^_^:
  4. Really? That sucks. Where are you, Tablet?
  5. Many of you might already know this, but abc.com is offering episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Desperate Housewives, and other ABC shows free of charge (so far, as I know it). I'm watching the season premier of Grey's Anatomy right now. It's great quality and in widescreen format. Check it out. If anyone know of similiar offers by other networks, please post.
  6. That is absolutely f***ing hilarious!
  7. Whenever something's acting weird, the first things I check for are viruses and spywares. I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. Man, lousy piece of crap. Damn thing's barely 2 years old. Thanks, and I'll try both of your suggestions. I hate it when things die on me.
  8. I'm actually encountering two problems. First, it informs me of a runtime error and my explorer shuts off. Laptop's still on, but my system tray gets all screwed up. This doesn't seem to have much of an impact. I'm more annoyed than worried. The second one is more serious; it actually reboots itself. I never get a good glimpse of the error message, but this has only been happening after I used the Windows updater-thingee (and only once!). Anyone have an idea as to why this is happening?
  9. Just watched it, and am surprised at how it remained true to the game. The feeling I got while watching the movie was the same as when I played the game (the first one). My opinion is that this is the best movie adaptation from a game that I've seen yet. Resident Evil was a total letdown, but glad this wasn't.
  10. I just want to point out an error. "If you like Alba" should be "You like Alba". It should be a statement.
  11. Wasn't he some Cardassian author? Garak gave Bashir a holosuite based on Shoggoth's book for his birthday. As for the 200 Quatloos, I only accept PayPal :)
  12. Yeah?! Which episode was that?
  13. meateater


    That's true in most shows. And I did like how they kept giving hints concerning the Dominion. Yeah, he has a 'fire-and-brimestone' quality to his acting that's a turn-off for me. Though I guess it kind of plays into his character (as a Bajorian religious figure and all).
  14. Eisilium, just to show I'm not a complete hypocrite...