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  1. Engineer101

    Ur desktop - sooooo

    That's big O.O
  2. Engineer101

    Rate The Avatar Above You (Part 2)

    I do notably surely realized how old this thread is =P. and OMG and its still existing. Amazing.
  3. Engineer101

    Graphic cards

    Course you can always have someone do it for you. Alienware ftl.
  4. Engineer101

    Dawn of War

    It's still interesting though. I been playing Dark Crusade multiplayer too. It kinda got old because It was predictable in multiplayer.
  5. Engineer101

    Star Trek Legacy

    The game itself was not good. The graphics are kinda bland on the PC. The controls are horrible. Same with the camera angle. I give it my rating of 5.8/10. I also find many files copy and paste from Star Trek Armada II.
  6. Engineer101

    What are you listening to right now?

    The new Eisbrecher album, "Antikoerper"
  7. Engineer101

    Graphic cards

  8. Engineer101

    Graphic cards

    sweetness. i have a X1300 but planning to upgrade to a X1900 XTX 512 MB PCI Express. Have a Linky. The Card
  9. Engineer101

    Rate The Avatar Above You (Part 2)

    9/10 cause im scared. lol
  10. Engineer101

    Dawn of War

    Do anyone play? I have winter assault but i prefer to play original with my friends. Feel free to contact me on xfire or in my ventrilo server. IP IP: No pass.
  11. Engineer101

    News: NiteShdw Gaming Leauge

    I have my own ventrilo server. IP: No pass. Feel Free to hop on. (latest ventrilo version). Somehow i never see you guys in your own css server. lol. You guys stopped playing?
  12. Engineer101

    What other sci-fi games do you play?

    sci fi post-apocalypse
  13. Engineer101

    Star Trek: Legacy

    cant wait. as long as this comp doesnt die due to overheating. (it just got too warm over here in CA, the sun is raining down death!)
  14. Engineer101

    Star Trek: Legacy

  15. Engineer101

    How many times have you changed your avatar?

    Every 7 Months.