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  1. Oh, my, GOSH!!!! It's been 14 freaking YEARS since I was last involved with this site, and I was SO sad when it was shut down. 😞 For some random reason I plugged in the site name and found that it is basically back as only a forum site, but still has our profiles and discussions. I can't begin to express how WONDERFUL of a surprise this is to me, especially with how awful 2020 has been. This takes me back 14 freaking YEARS to a MUCH more wonderful time of my life, and I'm SO happy that this forum is back. 2020 just got a LOT better! 🙂
  2. Hmm, what do you think? Could a Changeling be assimilated by the Borg?
  3. I don't want to start off a big thread on this, but I would hope we all could refrain from using the word "gay" in a negative context. I really doubt that Mav meant to use that particular word to be insensitive towards anyone, but it really isn't a good idea to use it in that context. I know it IS used quite a bit in that way, but I'm sure there are plenty of people on this forum that would be grateful if we could refrain from doing so. No hard feelings from this gay person, but I thought it was important to point out so hopefully people gay and/or not aren't put off. As a person that has had to deal with serious (read: life threatening!) homophobia, I'm grateful for your understanding. Now, back to your regular programing. :cyclops: [edit] This post is totally off topic. Your concern should have been sent via PM, not written as a totally off-topic post.
  4. Maybe I'm a bit less tolerant, but when these "new" people that like people have mentioned JUST signed up and are begging for information, why can't someone just give them the BOOT!?! There has to be someone with the administrative ability to STOP letting people sign up new, as starcrunch mentioned, but also that ANYBODY that is so STUPID to CONTINUE to sign up or has recently signed up and NOT read the entire thread here and keeps begging for "information" that is NOT here - just BOOT them off and ban them all together. Maybe they ARE legitimate people wanting to sign up, but most likely NOT. At the very least, they should be banned for being STUPID! :mad: Heck, I'd prefer that even I got banned if I was doing something SO continually STUPID and ANNOYING and creating potential trouble for the rest of this board. I say just BOOT the JERKS! :mad:
  5. :stare: Duh! I still consider myself a bit of a "noob", but I'm not STUPID and/or annoying enough (I hope) to persist in this DOORKNOB attitude of "where are the ..." or "this is inconvenient for me..." crap. Come ON, people, like so MANY people have TRIED to point out, this is a "discussion" forum and you can go and find your other "items" pretty much any place. Get over it and get on with it. I must say, being a bit in a grumpy mood this morning, I DO like and agree with three points str82u posted and has been quoted on. Since some people are just too stupid to GET it, I guess those individuals must have those three points DRILLED into their heads. Now - on to discussing why VOYAGER is the BEST trek seires of them ALL!!!! Hee, hee. How's THAT for a non-sequitur!?! Hopefully it gets us back on track. ;)
  6. :stare: Okay, I just finished watching the first season of DS9, and I couldn't WAIT to delete it from my hard drive. I'm sorry, I just did NOT enjoy it, and some of the episodes I had to watch in fast-forward click because I was REALLY not enjoying them. You HAVE to tell me that it IS going to get better, PLEASE! :stare: I know a LOT of people list DS9 as their favorite, so I'm TRYING to be open minded about this and HOPE it gets better after season one. I'm also trying to figure out WHY it displeases me SO much. Basically it comes down to the fact that I just can NOT stand most of the characters. I also REALLY dislike the whole Bajorin religious/rebel thing. Kira needs to get some SERIOUS therapy to get that HUGE chip off her shoulder. I'm already sick of listening to her go ON and ON about "back when I was a Bajorin freedom fighter" stuff. O'Brian was just never an important character for me; Odo is kind of cool; I actually DO love Quark; Dax - no real opinion one way or the other; Bashir - BLOW him out an airlock! As far as Sisco goes, there's "something" about him that I never really liked, and I think it was his tone of voice. It always seemed like communicating through a drunken, drugged haze through melted marshmellow. What does THAT mean? I have absolutely NO idea! It could also be that he just looks a little TOO much like my ex-boyfriend. :cyclops: I'm GOING to keep on pushing myself to watch the seires through on YOUR opinions because so many people say they enjoyed the Dominion war saga. I sure DO hope it's worth it. Hmm, maybe what I need to make it go down better is to mix in an episode of VOYAGER inbetween each viewing of an episode of DS9. Kind of like "A spoon full of sugar..." ;)
  7. And the WINNER is - VOYAGER!!!!!!!! :-) Yes, yes, I know, there are a LOT of people that just can't STAND Voyager, but as I keep watching the various shows, I always keep coming back to Voyager as my personal favorite. I must say that I just LOVE Janeway with all of her faults and all. I just really enjoy the "motherly" approach that she ended up HAVING to take considering what their situation was, and like ANY single, childless person THRUST into the situation of suddenly having over 100 "children" to be concerned with, I think she was learning parenting as she went. Made mistakes, sure. But I think she came out doing pretty well. I also really enjoyed the "family" atmosphere that the crew of Voyager developed, and considering it started out as a mixture of the Hatfields and MaCoys, other than that b$*@~ Seska, they seemed to get along well considering the circumstances. I will admit that there WERE characters on Voyager that I'd like to have blown out an air lock, such as Harry and Tuvok. Personally, I would have THANKED Tuvix for getting rid of that grouchy, annoying Tuvok. Neelix had his moments, but he was okay. No, Voyager was NOT a "traditional" Star Trek show, but I think it worked, much like some people enjoy DS9 for not being the standard Trek show. By "traditional" I mean based off of the concept of the original series. ;) After Voyager I'd have to go with Next Gen, TOS, and I can't really say much about the others. I actually DO remember enjoying watching the animated Saturday cartoon show when I was a kid, as cheesy as it was. Heck, it was a Star Trek cartoon and I was a little kid. It didn't HAVE to be good to be cool. :p I've only seen a couple of episodes of Enterprise, and based off of those couple of episodes I labeled it as absolute RUBBISH! The singing theme song was the FIRST thing that made me want to PUKE! I know a LOT of people just LOVE DS9, but I have NEVER liked that show and I still can't put my finger on WHY I dislike it so much. In all fairness, I haven't seen any of the episodes since they were originally aired, so I'm taking some people's advice on here and giving them another shot. I just watched the first three episodes and I'm still NOT liking it. I would like to shoot Kira out an airlock, Bashir is annoying, I never thought of O'Brian as anything other than an occasional backup character, Odo just always seems so DARN grouchy (probably why he and Kira get along so well!), and there's just something about Sisco that rubs me the wrong way - mostly I think the guy isn't the best actor I've ever seen and the whole baseball things is WAY over-done. I'm going to try and hold off final judgment on DS9 until I finish watching the whole series again, though. Oh, I actually DO love Quark, though. :-) As far as the original series goes, it was what it was "original". I really enjoyed it for what it was at the time that it came out, and I still do enjoy watching it today because I'm able to put into context the time that it was created. Sure, it was a bit cheesy and campy at times, but that just made it FUN for me. It didn't have to be SO serious all the time to be enjoyable. :cyclops: Well, that's my two cents. Have a GREAT weekend, ya'all. :D
  8. Rubus

    Section 31

    Howdy everyone! Lately I've been checking out some of the fan-created Star Trek films and audio books online, and I came across the website for the Section 31 audio files. Darker Projects: Star Trek - The Section 31 Files I've been listening to these episodes the past couple of days and I must say that I'm REALLY enjoying them quite a bit. I'm enjoying the storyline and the characters. I'm also really enjoying some of the REALLY humorous jabes and even sci-fi series references that are in some of the episodes. Some have made me bust out laughing out loud! :D I've also noted some VERY "clever" references that the writers have inserted in some of the episodes, one in particular being towards "20th century pop music" and the year in particular when that came to an end. It's probably a reference only a RUSH fan would pick up on. ;) So, I'm interested in whether any of you folks have checked these out and what you thought, and if you haven't checked them out yet, I'd say it's worth the download and time to listen to. I'm also happy to notice that the various fan-created shows take into account the OTHER fan-created shows and try to maintain some kind of continuity between them all. I still think Paramount should just give up on producing any more Star Trek and let the FANS run the show (no pun intended) for a while. The fans seem to be more interested in at least trying to create some interesting shows in the Trek realm without worrying about trying to mostly attract a particular audience that will get them high marketing ratings. The fans only "target" audience is other Star Trek fans, and I for one am grateful they are at least trying to keep the Star Trek universe up and running. I'm glad Trek isn't just on Paramount's shelf collecting dust until they deem it's time to try and make another wad of cash off those Trekie/Treker fans. It seems that the technology is getting pretty darn good for the fans to produce some really good shows, too. Some I've seen are not much more than fancy "home movies", but then there was "Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning" that had top-notch effects. Well, I'm rambling WAY off course now. I was just curious what ya'all thought about the Section 31 files, if you've heard them. If you've never heard them, go and check them out. I think it's worth it. :)
  9. As far as the CGI goes, I think it was pretty good for the technology that was available 13 years ago. There are also the budget and time constraints that the producers have to deal with that we never have to deal with. Putting it in the context of the time that it came out and what was technologically availble, I thought the CGI was pretty good. Nowadays, I think a teenage computer geek could probably produce the same or with current technology in software and hardware, probably do even better with the graphics. All in all, I enjoyed it. I must confess that I haven't seen any of the new Battlestar Galactica yet, so I'll have to try and download some of them and see what all the talk is about that show. From what I've read about it, some people REALLY love it, and some are a bit lukewarm about it. I'll have to check it out for myself. :)
  10. For me, I think I enjoyed B5 in a different way than most. I haven't had a television in eight years now, and watch DVD's on my PC (and now with Niteshdw, some more WONDERFUL sci-fi shows!). When B5 was originally on television, I only saw sporradic episodes during the first season. B5 just really isn't the kind of show that you could pick up on what is going on by watching individual episodes every now and then. Therefore, I was turned off of the show at that time. However, last winter I checked out the entire seasons from the public library and watched the whole series from start to finish (a pretty good way to make it through the dull drums of winter, I'd say). By being able to watch the entire series from start to finish in that fashion, I really fell in love with the show and the characters. No, I don't think it was perfect or that there wasn't room for improvement, but I had just finished six years of college with watching NO sci-fi so I was STARVED for sci-fi and B5 certainly filled that need. For me, I think I actually enjoyed and came to care about the characters on B5 more than I often have for other shows. I don't want to start a pissin' match of B5 vs. DS9 (to each their own), but I just didn't seem to be able to even begin to like so many of the characters on DS9. In all fairness to DS9, I wasn't able to watch all of those episodes either, so as soon as I'm done burning some DVD's and make room on my PC, I'm going to download DS9 and give it another try. Back to B5 though, I think what I ended up enjoying about it this time around vs. the first attempt at watching it was the very thing that turned me off of it - the continuing story thread. After all, I'd consider B5 to be a bit of a sci-fi soap opera. Hmm, no, that makes it sound bad, but I think you know what I'm trying to say. There was just a complex background story going on that certainly could NOT be wrapped up in a few episodes or even a few seasons. Wow, I sure rambled on about this. Sorry. :-) Back to the original intent of this thread, if anyone enjoyed the B5 series and has NOT seen the individual five films that came out after the series was done, I DO recommend them fully as they are able to be seen and understood without difficulty to the original series. I thought they were well done and I enjoyed them very much. :-)
  11. Cheese and Rice!!!! I was hoping this place was at least ONE place I could "escape" from all this political B.S.! Apparently not. I can only speak for myself, but I have a sci-fi side that likes to come here and read and post about sci-fi, and I have a political side that took my political concerns to the White House back in September and was arrested with about 400 other concerned citizens. I take my political interests to Washington. I take my sci-fi interests to niteshdw. If people want to piss and moan about politics, I'd be more happy if that kind of discussion was taken to a political-based message board (e.g. any of the Air America Radio boards - or any of the Right Wing boards if you're a brain-dead FREAK!). I guess in the "Ten Forward" zone "anything goes", but jeeze, take the "real world" politics B.S. elsewhere. At least get into Romulan vs. Federation politics on THIS site. Good GRIEF! :-(
  12. "Pigs-In-Spaaaaaaaace" have voted. :-)
  13. I have to go with 'Live & Let Die' because I loved the theme song AND because if you'll notice, they had sponsorship of a certain car for the show - a 1971 or 72 Chevy Impala (you'll notice a ba-zillion of 'em once you look for 'em!), and that just happened to be the first car I ever owned. What a BOAT! :-)
  14. Howdy! :-) I'm not sure which url you are looking for, so I'll post the ones for the individual seasons AND the Hidden Frontier website. I do NOT recommend downloading the episodes from the Hidden Frontier site as I found I had quite a bit of trouble connecting to their download site, and sometimes I'd get bumped off of their site. Also, after I downloaded all the episodes for all the seasons, I renamed the files so they would fit in a familiar format that I've noticed for other Star Trek shows on this site. The ones you download from the Hidden Frontier site are saved as "601", "602", etc. I renamed the files to include the title of the episode. I thought that would be helpful and that people would want to have the title of each episode on the files. So I recommend downloading the torrents that I made here on Nite's site, because then the title names for each episode is already there for you. :-) Here is the website for the original Hidden Frontier site: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Here are the pages for the individual torrents: Season 1: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 1 Season 2: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 2 Season 3: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 3 Season 4: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 4 Season 5: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 5 Season 6: Star Trek Hidden Frontier Season 6 Sorry if this is more information than you were looking for, but I wanted to try and cover all the options. I hope you enjoy the show! :-)
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