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  1. ghostwolf357

    Where has everyone gone???

    I lurk about in the background, myself been busy with other things. Like paying bills.
  2. ghostwolf357

    NERO warning

    New Nero, man what a drag to know there in bed with Hollywood more and more.
  3. ghostwolf357

    What web browser do you use?

    Actully I use portable fire fox on my pen drive. Its based on Firefox 1.5 and can be tweaked and upgraded as reqular fire fox. Pluss I can take ALL my settings with me no matter were I go.
  4. ghostwolf357

    Rate The Avatar Above You (Part 2)

    about a 5/10
  5. ghostwolf357

    Is my hard drive dying?

    Sounds like curropt programing. ei the defrag utility. Try reinstalling your defrag program. You do run a defrag program and not windows, right?
  6. ghostwolf357

    Is my hard drive dying?

    Right click the C:\ drive in My Computer, select Properties, tools tab, then check my hard drive for errors. Allow it to run at reboot and let it run. It will tell you how many "Bad sectors" are on your drive and try to block them off from read-write access. (A good thing). If not you might just need to reload.... :o ;) ;)
  7. ghostwolf357

    RIAA sues minor, again

    Amazing really that his people would stoop SO LOW.....
  8. ghostwolf357

    Rate The Avatar Above You (Part 2)

    fleetcaptain I'd have to give a 10 to. Pretty cool...
  9. ghostwolf357

    Rate The Avatar Above You (Part 2)

    7/10 on the above, it kind of grows on you.
  10. ghostwolf357

    Where Do we go now

    Yes at least the people I've seen in the forum site.
  11. ghostwolf357

    I'm getting upgraded

    Be glad that there not charging you more. B)
  12. ghostwolf357

    Favorite car

    Anything that gets me where im going resonably in one piece.
  13. ghostwolf357

    Daleks Vs the BORG

    The Borg Will asimilate you.....
  14. ghostwolf357

    Banning Members

    I think a moderator is needed to give warnings and kind of POLICE this site some. Unfortunatly as we grow as a comunity the more problems we are going to have.
  15. Just a feeler on the new Star Wars movie and your thought on it. I have seen it and think George Lucas has it right and saved the best for last. My god the special effects are amazing! Yoda is the Man!