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  1. half way thru season two it's a comedy but pretty good
  2. kyran

    Charlie Jade

    guess i have all 20 ep's then
  3. kyran


    we do a lot of laptop repairs, could be because we get a lot of students. So stay away from toshiba, acer and mitac. they are our most popular repairs sony vaio's are great. only ever had the one .............well two if you count the one that had a fist imprint hp seem to be good too
  4. kyran

    Season 4 disappointing???

    I suppose for a kids show it is a bit weak but this old man enjoys it , and I thought the last two episodes were great
  5. kyran

    What do you hate about your favorite show?

    I hate the whinging woman (helen) in primeval god she pisses me off the show was going great til they made her a 'bad guy' now I don't know if it's worth watching next year
  6. kyran

    Internal HDD selection

    Raid 0 stick a few discs in and use them as one big disc also makes writing and reading faster i use a laptop as my tv server works just as good as a big unit and stream it from our main computer
  7. kyran

    Yet another problem

    Why bother putting ram in? the whole point of having ram is to USE it the more ram you use the faster you go. cos you're not writing to disc, you WANT to use more ram, don't moan about it be thankful it's getting used
  8. kyran

    NiteShire Werewolf Redux

    the answer is ......................TFMF doesn't know who the werewolves were
  9. kyran

    NiteShire Werewolf Redux

    looks like he's trying to work out who did it I hope we get a idiot guide to the clues cos I didn't find any :(
  10. kyran

    Dr Who S4E06 The Doctor's Daughter

    THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE it's make believe darn it suspend your incredi....... and enjoy it I thought she was hot too lol
  11. kyran

    Another geek test! O_O

    10.65089% - Geekish Tendencies guess I'm not really a geek
  12. kyran

    How Geek are you?

    only 46 I need to 'geek' more
  13. kyran

    The promotion announcement thread!

    does that mean we have to salute you ?
  14. kyran

    Yet another problem

    Why all the dispair at how much ram your systen uses ? thats what ram is for. I whinge when it's not using enough
  15. kyran

    NiteShire Werewolf Redux

    9 pages and i still don't have a clue