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  1. If that's the case then this WAS the season finale. You can't split a season by a full year and call it the same season. That wouldn't make a lick of sense!
  2. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E08 Silence In The Library (1 of 2)

    Yeah. She'll probably die in the next ep.
  3. maybrick

    Viacom trys to sue Utube!

    My having the ability to watch videos on youtube has directly resulted in me purchasing several dvds and cds over the course of the past few years. If corporations don't see the value in free advertisement then it's their loss. Everybody's, actually.
  4. Wow $10! For how many people? What city was that in? I worked at a theater in '87 and a full price evening admission was only $2.50. It's about $8 for an evening show the last time I went. (About 1-2 years ago.) I guess I'll find out the going rate this week when I go see this. Mid eighties when I was a kid it was about the same price in my home town, $3 or so. But then my parents took me to Boston and in Harvard Square we thought about seeing a movie and was dumbstruck that a ticket cost $8.
  5. maybrick

    How Geek are you?

    You beat me by 1. I got a 36%.
  6. maybrick

    Atlantis Season 5 Premier date: CONFIRMED

    Great! What happened at the end of Season 4 btw? I can't remember.
  7. maybrick

    Can you spot him?

    Yay! Mr. Coffee! :D
  8. I've heard tell that you can create gifs using Graphic Converter (free app already included on your mac) but I'll be damned if I can figure out how. I'd like to know how to do it as well.
  9. maybrick

    3rd Stargate Movie --> Oppinions

    I think they should hire Kurt Russell and James Spader to come back. Due to a few small inconsistencies between the original film and the TV series I never personally considered SG-1 to be a direct sequel to the movie, but rather as taking place in a parallel universe. If done right it would be kind of fun to have Russell's version of O'Neill run up against Anderson's O'Neill. Or it could be completely lame.
  10. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E06 The Doctor's Daughter

    Personally, I think the Doctor knew Jenny wasn't really dead, but figured it would be better in the long run to leave her behind for whatever reason. (Like how he left Jack behind in Parting of the Ways). Her apparent "death" also gave him an out from having to hear Martha's and Donna's guilt trips and protestations of doing so. Regarding "working on the same life regeneration": that doesn't make any sense. Jenny is his daughter, not a clone.
  11. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E06 The Doctor's Daughter

    Aha! I get you now. You're absolutely right. I didn't think about that. It's been a long time since I've seen The Search For Spock.
  12. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E06 The Doctor's Daughter

    No, I think Jesus did that kinda type of thing first. ;)
  13. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E06 The Doctor's Daughter

    I loved it! Brings up some questions regarding regeneration though:
  14. maybrick

    Dr Who S4E05 The Poison Sky (part 2)

    Time only reverted back to the moment that the paradox machine was activated. The Valiant was in existence well before that point.