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  1. NiteShdw

    New NiteSciFi.com Homepage (BETA)

    I've been trying to add 8-10 items every day or two. Remember to vote in the Upcoming section to push items to the front page.
  2. NiteShdw

    Voyager(Spoiler Allert)

    You spelled 'spelt' wrong in your post.
  3. Over the past several months, we've been working on a new front page for the NiteSciFi community. The new page is a Digg-style news site. It is driven by user-submitted articles. We're happy to announce that the page is ready for the public! http://www.nitescifi.com will now use the new front page, rather than redirecting to the forum. There is a link on the page to go to the forum. At this stage, we've working on getting the design of the new site to match the forum; however, we have not integrated the forum into the new site. You will need to register a new account to use the new front page until we can work out a way to integrate it with the forum.
  4. NiteShdw

    Entire cast interchangeable?

    It seems like it's all over the place. None of the characters are very well defined as to who they are, or what their personalities are like. It's hard to believe that you can throw 5 random people together and end up with such an odd bunch. Demographically, gays and bis only make up less that 5% of the population.
  5. NiteShdw

    New Torchwoof Cast Member... FROM BUFFY!

    It's interesting that Martha Jones' character will be in Torchwood.
  6. NiteShdw

    Upcoming Sci-Fi

    I recommend that you watch the entire Heroes Season 1. You will be on the edge of your seat. It is awesome. I didn't start watching Heroes until about half way through the season. I caught up on it at nbc.com. You will also be able to rent it on Netflix fairly soon.
  7. NiteShdw

    IRC Bot

    Very cool, except that I've never programmed in Python. Is it a self-contained IRC client, or does it tie into an existing client?
  8. NiteShdw

    X-box 360

    Does S/H mean used? The nice thing about craigslist is that it's in the Bay Area, so I could drive to someone's house and test the unit before actually paying for it. I wouldn't buy from eBay, ever. I'd have to save at least $100 of the new price to buy a used one anyway. The other thing to watch out for is if the unit was banned from xbox live.
  9. NiteShdw

    X-box 360

    Yeah, I'm looking at craigslist.org to buy a used Xbox 360 so I can play Halo 3 when it comes out in September.
  10. NiteShdw

    Forum revamped!

    Well I think this is the first time that we've had a theme be universally enjoyed, at least since we changed forum software.
  11. NiteShdw

    Tribal Wars

    You were invited to join
  12. NiteShdw

    Tribal Wars

    I can't find Hilander under that name... And the tribe has been created! If you want to join NiteShire tribe, post your username in the game. We're all in World 10 North.
  13. NiteShdw

    Tribal Wars

    I joined as NiteShdw in World 10 North.
  14. NiteShdw

    NiteSciFi Timeline

    Sometimes I regret not sticking with the old system. It work, people were used to it and liked it... we were going for more functionality, but lost the simplicity.
  15. NiteShdw

    NiteShire 5

    Google a "Web 2.0 Name Generator", you'll find some cool names. BTW, count me in. I also suggest waiting until after your holiday. I think that it would be nice to see the actual game play rules, how the game play will occur, how will teams communicate (PMs?), what will the map be like? Everything should be crystal clear before starting.