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  1. dingding100

    Post a Picture of yourself and your computer

    Pink tie, dead centre. And it is the "Love Boat" cast 25 year get together. Am I close?
  2. dingding100

    Hello everyone

    ...or a Dr. Who fan as well. I hear that there are some of us about.
  3. dingding100

    10th doctor costume reveiled!!!

    A friend of mine is going to be in London for 5 days from the 18th of August. I thought that he could take some snaps for me and my sons to drool over. Does anyone know some London locations? Or are they in Wales?
  4. dingding100

    10th doctor costume reveiled!!!

    Does anyone know where the shots are taken? In London most likely, but which part.
  5. dingding100

    10th doctor costume reveiled!!!

    I like it a lot! It's like a collage of kewl time periods in Earth's history. HOWEVER...Rose is lookin' uber-hot in the background.
  6. dingding100

    Planet of the Doctor

  7. dingding100

    Planet of the Doctor

    Checkout the wallpaper programme download. It is really kewl. Links right in to the Planet of the Doctor and has some stero-graphic wallpaper. You know, the stuff that you have to look at the glare of the screen to see the 3-D image in the background.
  8. dingding100

    what podcasts do you listen too?

    nuages those are most of the podcastst that I tune in to as well. I found that there really is a lot of crap out there when trying to find a neat podcast. Some people think that just b/c you CAN podcast, that you SHOULD podcast and that EVERYONE will listen to your show. How long have you been at it? I've been doing it for about 6 months maybe a bit more. PS looks like you are in Canada with the amount of CBC content you have, but then again, this is the Internet. You can be from anywhere and that's what I like about it...
  9. dingding100

    Doctor Who Word Game

    Sontaran. And welcome to this kick-a** site for Doctor Who fans. PS I hear that they there are some star Trek fans here too...
  10. dingding100

    What if....

  11. dingding100


    "Giant obelisque." "Very odd," the Doctor murmurred to himself. "I don't remember this being directly behind us when we arrived." Romana, looking puzzled, said, "Perhaps the Cybermen are ___________?"
  12. dingding100

    Doctor Who Word Game

    Ian Chesterton
  13. dingding100

    Dr. Who Fanatic

    I consider myself a WHOfanatic. I am going back and watching all that I can get my hands on as I cannot remember much from when I was a kid. I obviously did not watch it with 'adult' eyes. It seems that the Doctor, in any of his incarnations, are not far from my mind these days. Doctor Who really does provide a nice break from this reality, to escape to another time and space. To go on adventures with no care or immediate responsibility. Of course, you would be expected to save the universe every once in a while... I am in the process of building a cardboard TARDIS for my two sons, who are just about as big of fans as I am. After that, I will start on my own TARDIS, which will sit out in my garden.
  14. dingding100


    ( Giant Chicken!!!! Just kiddin') "survivor of the wreck! We must help them!" "Agreed, Romana. Let's go. No way to better see the terrain than with a brisk run ending with a rescue. Off we go..." The Doctor trotted off down the mountainous rubble with ease. Romana tried to get ahead, but it was all that she could do just to keep up. Reaching the crash site, the Doctor emitted a noticable gasp, "They're __________."
  15. dingding100


    ...realized that indeed, there was an alien ship about to crash in to the TARDIS. "Doctor! De-materialize, NOW!!" she shrieked. To that the Doctor siad, "Right then, but not before I ____________. "