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  1. thanatos355

    Midnite Knock at Your Door

    Yeah the point of not letting them in, is if you do not consent to any searches and they do not have probable cause, doesn't really matter what they find in your home (or car) because it will not hold up in court.... when you're encountering the police the most important right you have is to say, "Officer, I don't consent to any searches." heheheh... sure they can still enter your home or car, but they are trained and realized that if they do they'd better be able to back up their actions in court... on the other hand if you let a cop search your home or car, it's really indefensible in court.... my two latinum, NumbahWon on the point of the car search. some states, oklahoma is one, have a law that when you sign your drivers license, you are giving consent for any law enforcement officer to search your car at any time with or without cause.
  2. thanatos355

    Midnite Knock at Your Door

    just get you one of the new flash based hard drives that are comming out. instant format! :cyclops:
  3. thanatos355

    Changing Earth's Orbit

    so, how much time till we all start looking like the oscar myers at the 7-11? i can never remember these things. :rolleyes:
  4. you are the only other person that i have ever seen ANYWHERE that remembers tranzor z! now that mofo was one badass robot dude!
  5. thanatos355

    My Mum saw Patrick Stewart in Tesco!

    oh DAMN! that's even cooler then when my mom met gary busey at the dallas airport!!! :cyclops: :cyclops: :cyclops:
  6. thanatos355

    Changing Earth's Orbit

    but, given man's drive to survive. i believe that when the time draws near, we WILL come up with something better to get us the hell outta dodge! ;)
  7. thanatos355

    Solar Sail launches in a few months!

    too damn cool! :D cant wait to see how it does!
  8. thanatos355

    Rate the avatar above yours.

    bah, that one is put together poorly! it stutters and is too slow. maybe i should re-open my avy shop for you guys. ;) i'll give yours a 9, just cause it's a tx plate. :D
  9. thanatos355

    Winds of Change

    oh yes wc, i know about driving fast! :cyclops:
  10. thanatos355

    Winds of Change

    ahh, but that's where weight comes back into play.
  11. thanatos355

    Are We Alone?

    been watching starship troopers again, havent you? ;) :cyclops:
  12. thanatos355

    Rate the avatar above yours.

    aww come on, i should get better then an 8! i put it together myself and everything! ;) i'll give elder an 8 though. like the hat and the background. not gonna judge the dude. :rolleyes:
  13. thanatos355

    Want a NiteShdw Convention?

    that sounds really great!:D i would love something like that. to bad i'm broke all the time and cant afford to travel, :(
  14. thanatos355

    new starship capabilities!

    damn man, you're not asking for much! we'd only need a few hundred years worth of st shows to see all that!
  15. thanatos355

    Changing Earth's Orbit

    i would think it would be easier and cheaper to just move to a different world. :rolleyes: