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  1. and to all of you with the lisbo theme, well all i whanted was to go back on track with the topic. but thinking abot it.... remmeber when i sayed shewas mine.. well IF she is into all that kinky stuff the she can bring a freind i don't mind...
  2. Now i like it when poeple that haave nothing to say just write a two worded answer. but to the point, i've een reading some of the stuff here and if I'm not misstaken most of you don't think much starbuck But i say she is one of the most developed characters in the show, besides baltar and roslin she is the most intresting mind blowing, thrilng personality in the show. i meen i served in the army and i know how hard it is to follow an as***ll for an officer. and i also know what happens when one, don't care what the'll do to you. and two, have someone watching your back with all those commanders that you don't like. so in short she is very real. in hat sence atlest. plus at the and of season 2 you see her on the planet, married, ??? whats up woth that? (i thought she was mine :) ) and reformed. so it is interesting what will be happening with our buck from the star....
  3. Militery aplication is unavoidable, that is the main censorn of sintists, since most of them (not all) don't want the military to use their inventions for destruction they simply don't invent. if you look at the last 50 years their wasn't a segnificant brake trought in any field. the internet was invented by the military in the 50's so were computers the airplane, space shuttle all were on the drowing bords some 40 50 years ago. the main advansment was in compartmetelising, makeing things smaller. and smaller. but new things were not invented. mabey this sute is a step in the right direction!
  4. I have only one answer! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and A big NO go to this site, study it, view the video and the book it refers to, and then I wanna see the answer! 48 people voted "yes", to you i say watch the video and read the book two times atleast :)
  5. a shutlebay with 9 enterences to it :) see if the shutlebay door is open all the other 9 must close so no air will ascape, and if it is closeed then all 9 can open! hahaha probebly not the right answer but i think its a funny one and does makes since. ;)
  6. Well, I'd say either he has no more horses and it would be 0. Or there would be 7 who could say that they had the same color as another of his horses. But I guess there again is some trick involved? well as i see it, he HAD 8 of them. that does imply that he does NOT have 8 of them any more. so he may have sold 1 or more horses and left with some or none of them. so the answer is ranges from 0 to 7 since he could have sold the brown one and still 7 horses could say thay are the same color. makes sence??????
  7. and what about worf, didnt he apear to be kirks advocat in the 6 movie????
  8. to quote myself mabey this will work....
  9. and he keeps on going, that is what the most funny. we think he is an a**ho*e but we buy his books and read them. ironic
  10. i think the borg just gave them a big brake, thats all. they anjoid watching voyeger sqerm in the delta quadrant and it gave them some rec. time when they were not assimilating the unuvers
  11. meby some one can unite all the parts into one avi and post it here?????
  12. Boil some water, clean the tribles of all the heir, take out the insides veary carfullyas not to damage the outer skin to much, place potatos in the water and wait 5 min. place some onions, carats, and some green veg. and only then place the tribles inside. wait about 10 to 15 min. and walla you got trible stew! :) good in the evening with some wight wine and caviar!
  13. you have to go to the jim ALOT