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    Microsoft to bend over backward for the RIAA/MPAA

    It's not necessary to release open source drivers just to have drivers on linux. Unless NVidia did a backflip since I last ran linux as a desktop OS, their drivers have never been open source. I don't recall ATI releasing open source drivers either. Sure it's a pain having to link them to the kernel, but if you can follow instructions, it's not rocket science. Just type what you're told to type. The hardest part for n00bs is unpacking or installing the kernel source. I don't run linux as a desktop OS as I don't believe it's ready yet. However, I do run it as a server OS and for that I believe it's definitely mature. If you know what you're doing, it makes a great backend for a thin client or 3. If only KnoppMyth ran 'out of the box' with my VisionPlus card. I agree that some of the larger problems with distros is that they don't run as easily as Windohs. However if more people with talent put more time into testing and hacking (yes, hacking is legal, it's cracking that's illegal) then perhaps the average person could run a linux-based distro as easily and flawlessly as they can run Windohs. Too many ppl bitching, not enough ppl pitching in.
  2. fakungabubu

    Favorite Game Console

  3. fakungabubu

    Hottest Female in Sci-Fi?

    Voted Other. Aeryn Sun from Farscape wins hands down. Hot chick wearing almost exclusively leather? Can't go past that one
  4. fakungabubu

    Rpg games post?

    Or some D20 games set in SciFi universes.....
  5. fakungabubu

    Elite Force multiplayer?

    *BUMP* :)
  6. fakungabubu

    anyone here RPG?

    I play PnP (pen and paper) RPG on a weekly basis, and if an online one was running and it was at a convenient time for me I'd be interested. The problem is the number of timezones and trying to co-ordinate it with everyone.
  7. fakungabubu

    Elite Force multiplayer?

    I couldn't find my EF CD either so I downloaded it in the star trek games section :-) Let us know if you need a seed. Right well today is out for me as hubby is home sick again and I gotta look after him as well as the baby.... Maybe this afternoon while they're both sleeping I shall have to see.
  8. fakungabubu

    "Family Friendly"

    Note that I said "in front of" and not "with". I would discuss practically anything *with* a child. Open honest discussions with children are great. However discussing things in front of children is a whole different matter. The tone and language people use when speaking with another adult often are not appropriate for discussions in front of children. For instance, who would say "yeah I boned her and it was fantastic" to their 7 year old? That would be inappropriate. However answering a question with "yes daddy is having a relationship with Julie but the nature of the relationship is private and shouldn't be discussed with others" would be somewhat appropriate. (My daughter is only 4 months old so at this stage I'm far from an expert with regard to talking to children although lots of my friends have older children.) I agree with much of what's been said and I think that some less 'airy fairy' guidelines need to be drawn up. People say things that offend others. It happens. However if we can minimise the chances of that occurring then things might be a little more harmonious on the forums.
  9. fakungabubu

    Elite Force multiplayer?

    I can do either. I don't have the expansion pack installed at the moment but can install it any time. Should we co-ordinate some games via irc?
  10. fakungabubu

    "Family Friendly"

    Definitely no swearing, no obscene language and no discussion of something you wouldn't say in front of a child. I know some of the threads recently have made me feel uncomfortable and I definitely would not repeat the words used in front of either my child or somebody else's.
  11. fakungabubu

    Elite Force multiplayer?

    Just wonder if anyone else has recently gotten Elite Force from the site and wants to have some fragging matches. We'll set something up and have some games. I'm available from around 00:00GMT to 06:00GMT most weekdays. (I have a baby to take care of but it shouldn't disrupt me too much) I'm silne on the irc channel btw, so let's get something together and get fragging! :D
  12. fakungabubu

    Talk about being close to your twin brother

    Possibly that guy, the creator of the Evil Dead movies.
  13. fakungabubu

    Fill in the blank game (Voyager)

    giggle insanely. He laughed so much he peed his pants. B'elanna, who was nearby watching, ________________
  14. fakungabubu

    the final of Enterprise

    Er, a plot perhaps? Compared to the episodes it followed, the plot was typical of B/B.... practically non-existant and obviously latched on so that they could accomplish particular events. It was disappointing to say the least, and pathetic is my favourite word for it. I wasn't that huge of an Enterprise fan since it started to go downhill during season 2 but there were some highly entertaining season 4 eps. The finale was not one of them.
  15. fakungabubu

    NiteShdw Convention Attendees

    1) QLD, Australia 2) Won't be able to leave the country (have 3 month old daughter), so no ride needed/provided. 3) Could help organise a local NiteCON/meetup or attend by webcam. 4) Pretty much available any time barring unforseen events. 5) 8 (committed barring being too tired due to looking after my little girl -- Nite you will soon see just how difficult it is -- oh and babies don't always come on time so be prepared for yours to be up to 2 1/2 weeks late. Ours was 15 days late and labour was induced :-))