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  1. What I want to know is how the orbiting gate became the dominant one. Since Atlantis had a dialing computer, that gate should have needed a "standard" DHD to become dominant (As established in SG-1) I really hope they get that anti-replicator satellite working (I wonder why the Asguard won't loan them one again, or at least help them finish it, considering the supposed seriousness of the situation). Then they can finally dispose of the damn things and get back to the Wraith... It was definitely contrived to have them all of a sudden be able to submerge the city (Didn't Sheppard suggest that in the season 1 finale? "It's not a yo-yo", as McKay put it), to say nothing of being able to fly it. Needing the shield to contain the atmosphere is definitely stupid. Who designs a space ship that isn't air tight? ??? ::) From TNG I'm guessing you're talking about Colm? In that case you should also mention Enterprise (Michale = Trip) ;)
  2. I agree. We've seen male Wraith get up after being hit with a barrage of bullets, especially a short time after having fed. Since the queens seem to be stronger, it was surprising that she wasn't able to do so... I've been thinking that since Day 1. Even with super-regenerative powers, getting a dozen bullets into their brain would likely do enough damage that regeneration wouldn't be possible. I was also thinking they should have just shot the queen a few times when Tayla was trying to get into here mind. A weaker opponent is more likely to lose in a telepathic battle, after all.
  3. He's known as the "God of Lies" on one planet in the gamma quadrant as I recall...
  4. Star Trek is, by far, the best Sci Fi ever created. :D
  5. What I want to know is: Where did that test chamber come from? If it was there all along, why did they have to find another one on a different planet before realizing what it was for?
  6. The question this raises is: If the zats can be used like that, why didn't they shoot the cargo container the other two were on? It should have had the safe effect.
  7. You missed it. The end of the world was last week
  8. You forgot the part where one wraith gets assigned to work as a liaison to Atlantis, and they somehow figure out a way to break it's telepathic connection to the rest of them, as well as having Becket get that guy's formula that was supposed to stop the wraith hunger working. And then the wraith becomes a regular member of the cast. ...Wait, that sounds familiar... :rolleyes:
  9. Yep. DS9 did it better, though. They didn't have the usual pattern of waking up remembering everything from his life on the station and trying to convince everyone that IT was real and "THIS" is a dream. When he was there, he WAS THERE. At least until the end, when he started to get flashes back to DS9. (And even then there wasn't a "this isn't real" moment. It was, "I think I'm going crazy". And then he did.)
  10. Symok

    War Vote

    I've seen this mentioned once or twice before... Star Trek: First Contact was done in 1996, which is mid season 5. Tensions with the dominion are certainly mounting, but it is hardly the "middle of the war". I also don't remember hearing it mentioned anywhere that the Sovereign class is a combat class... If it were, you'd think that Starfleet would have wanted the Enterprise E to help out against the borg regardless of their worries about Picard... I agree with the others who said the Dominion. Without the alliance and the Prophets keeping the Dominion from getting reinforcements, the Dominion would have overwhelmed any ONE of the other powers in the Alpha Quadrant easily.
  11. Ugh. Horrible episode. Occasional funny bit, but mostly all I could think of was "This is SO STUPID!" When the "newer, edgier" Vala said she was pregnant, the first thing that popped into my mind was, "Again?". (I'm rather surprised "Daniel" didn't say that) The "puppet universe" was a really bad attempt to mesh the movie with the first episode. Note that we haven't "really" seen the Furlings yet either, since when we "saw" them at the beginning, that was just being read from the script. Really, the best part of the episode was at the very end with the guy who plays the guy who is the "fictitious" Teal'C from Wormhole Extreme gives the Asimov quote.
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    If they cared about continuity, they'd use the "sweater" style uniforms seen in The Cage (via "The Menagerie") and "Where No Man Has Gone Before". But, they probably won't, so they might end up being Enterprise-style. (Then again, the fact that they're using the original logo style on the poster, combined with the gold/blue does give SOME hope...)