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    Nexus 2

    Hi Folks long time no post or speak but here check this out. Im not sure if any of you ever played Nexus: The Jupiter Incident but this is the tech demo vid for Nexus 2 and it looks sweet have a look http://sargoth.spymac.com/space_techdemo_HD.rar enjoy
  2. SCOLancer

    New film won't be about Kirk and Spock

    Quoted from a national paper today in the UK TITLE MATT to be new kirk "HOLLYWOOD hunk Matt Damon is set to become the new Captain Kirk in the latest blockbuster Star Trek movie. The film is set to be directed by Mission Impossible's JJ Abrams who is desperate to get Matt, 35 ,for the part. Abrams has even got the seal of approval from the first Kirk, played by William Shatner, 75. A source said:" Shatner gave his blessing." The movie will centre on Kirk and Spock's early days at a space academy." :o Why do they insist on going backwards with all the new stuff grrrrrrrrrr *not a happy chappy* and MATT DAMON AS KIRK OOOOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG whos playin spock ben stiller?
  3. SCOLancer

    Infinity: The Quest for Earth

    Ive joined the forums now as they activly test the engine this game is gonna rule its the new Elite videos are ace and ive installed the latest beta ready for next server up as Zap says this is a must to view if you love SCI-FI
  4. SCOLancer

    spaceship/station/base designs

    Why not just use mag levs like the japs have in their new trains or some of the new rollorcoasters thats seems a good idea even for the lift into orbit
  5. SCOLancer

    Next-gen consoles

    I was a console jockey before i got my PC which i do love but when i saw these clips i still want to get a X-Box 360 without a doubt Gears of war http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/media/747/747891/vids_1.html Halo 3 http://uk.media.xbox360.ign.com/media/734/734817/vids_1.html Looks a damned sight better than my PC but then there is the new PhysX cards now out http://www.ageia.com/physx/index.html
  6. SCOLancer

    British Ban on jilbab

    I think it bad that this can happen i dont know how TFMF went through school or if he still does but in Inverness where im from we could wear what we wanted school uniform with flip flops if we cared or just jeans well except shellsuits for the obvious problem in science but for any 1 to ban people from wearing these in the UK is wrong if thats the case then why dont we ban hoodies in school( nowadays hoodies are sold by schools ) since we have a larger Yob problem than some girls wearing a headress.
  7. SCOLancer

    Hypersonic Jet Launch

    NASA havent dumped X-43 project its just that it takes alot of prep between flights since they have no way of following the jet so they have to lay planes out for absolute miles it is also far ahead of the one being tested in Queensland. i have been following this project for what seems to long but last record broke was mach 9.6 just shy of 7000 mph and they reckon it can go upto mach 15 which would mean london to sydney in 30 mins. here is an extract from nasa's page Supersonic combustion ramjets - or scramjets - promise more airplane-like operations for increased affordability, flexibility and safety for ultra high-speed flights within the atmosphere and for the first stage to Earth orbit. The scramjet advantage is that, once they are accelerated to about Mach 4 (four times the speed of sound) by a conventional jet airplane engine, it is believed that they can be flown in the atmosphere up to about Mach 15 without having to carry heavy oxygen tanks as rockets must. Also, rockets tend to produce full thrust or nearly full thrust all the time; scramjets can be throttled back and flown more like an airplane. here is nasa's X-43 link http://www.nasa.gov/missions/research/x43-main.html
  8. SCOLancer

    Who Are You?

    Name: Scott Known in gaming community as Lancer Live: Inverness, Bonnie Scotland Age: 28 this month Sex: Male Occupation: Unemployed at mo Ex army now usually building trade Fave SCI-FI: all of it every damned thing they can make except Starship Troopers 2 thats just naff Hobbies: Online Gaming im part of WW2 and more Gaming Clan [bW-UK] ie Blackwatch UK my gaming tags are [bW-UK]Pvt.Lancer[b/Coy]
  9. SCOLancer

    Hi folks

    Hi folks just thought i'd say Hi as been around nite for couple years but dont say much and noticed you had CS:S server for which i re-installed the game today including vent and had a quick game with SOVI3T(lol not sure on spelling) earlier nice server and will no doubt catch you on there laters :)
  10. SCOLancer

    Newbie question on games

  11. Try F.E.A.R it requires a hell of a lot of graphics i have a 6200 but which is not power hungry and i only have a 350w psu same ram and same audio card and i can play x3 fine but def not on max though to laggy, i'd say card is overheating, before crash have you noticed any artifacts ie. (parts missing or dissapearing) going wrong ingame as thats usually a way of telling if overheating also do you have any other fans inside your case if not buy a 120mm and place on rear it'll keep everything nice and cool and cheap £5
  12. The EU if you must know changes hand every year ie a diff country each year gets to head it britain just chaired it. not forgeting most country's are part of NATO now aswell that includes their armed forces
  13. SCOLancer

    Star Trek XI (possible spoilers)

    I think the next step should be set in the future that appeared in enterprise eps (time war) that'd be pretty cool
  14. SCOLancer

    Rate the avatar above yours.

    I will give you 7 for atleast a good enough excuse :D