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    I am so happy you got the Forum up and running TFMF Particularly at a time of renewal for Science (&) Fiction As a lifetime user of the Nite [shadow] forum incarnations, I have seen it (and some of its creators and users) fall, delete, fail, revive, fade and be reborn. And as you know, not just once, but many times. Through the Torrent age, copyright infringements, re-birth, Boris P., and all of the thousands of posts over the years, we've maintained a tele-present community of friends. [and I suppose a few foes as well😉] The forums have survived because of fine intelligent users, and sci-fi lovers, such as yourself TFMF. I am so happy we will now be around for perhaps the 20th Anniversary of the forums. That's only a couple of seasons of ST:Picard, Doctor Who, and who knows, maybe a new Stargate series, away 🙂
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    Hello Jonathan, My name is Pete. Pronounced = 'Peat' to you Scottish fold. This will be the only time we speak out of character.... So, TFMF... How is the new forum going? [?!?]
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