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    Hi all! Whether you're new to NiteSciFi, or have been with us since it was called "NiteShdw" (I really do miss that name...), it would be great to hear a bit about who you are, what sci-fi you watch, and how you found us! Here's a bit about me to give you some ideas. You definitely don't need to go into any detail. 🙂 What's with the username, TFMF? a.k.a. The Fantastic Mr Fox I actually think NiteSciFi was the first community I registered on where I needed to come up with a username. Way back in 2003 I searched my room manically trying to find something that might help me think of something I could use. Somehow, I found a copy of Roald Dahl's "The Fantastic Mr Fox", and the abbreviation of that seemed like a good idea. Outside the Internet... Offline, I'm known as Jonathan (Mostly because it's my name. I know, insane.) Other facts about me in real life: I live in Scotland I am getting far too close to hitting 30 years old. I have 3 dogs and a bearded dragon Favourite Sci-Fi? I'd have to say Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Favourite Non-Sci-Fi? Very tricky.... there are a number of really strong shows I love: The Crown Game of Thrones Sherlock How did you find NiteSciFi? Back in 2004 (I think?) I may have engaged in a little illegal torrent downloading . The best place to do that was a small up-and-coming torrent site known as "NiteShdw's Star Trek Torrents". I actually don't remember how I found it - probably google - but I registered and downloaded away to my heart's content. It probably took a good few months before I bothered posting on the forums, but it didn't take long after that to become addicted and rack up a sizable post count. After some time, I eventually became moderator of the Stargate forums (Which was just the best thing ever at the time). Shortly after that, another moderator and I approached the owner of the forums about taking over admin responsibilities. Many years and many more reincarnations of the forum since - and here we are. Feel free to ask me anything, and don't forget to introduce yourself!
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