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  1. I don't know how much you know about this, I haven't even heard about it either until it was shut down (although I'm not interested in VR), but there was a fan-made VR-game/experience called Stage 9. This thing recreated the interior of Enterprise-D, it was similar in look to the VR game "Star Trek: Bridge Commander", and it got Cease and Desisted recently by CBS. Here is a short video about the game and the C&D from Nerd3.
  2. dBLOOD

    New Series Announced

    Yeah, sorry about the inflammatory tone by the way! Anyway, I would love to watch new, proper ST again, I'm afraid they cancel Orville!
  3. dBLOOD

    New Series Announced

    I thought I saw a message from you saying that you close down the forum. Do we know which universe is it going to happen? The original, or the pandering to PC-sheep universe?