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  1. TFMF

    Doctor Who

    I must have missed this Doctor? 😛
  2. Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald is released 16th November and this is one I'm looking forward to seeing (Despite the sketchy reviews). This movie features the full arrival of Johnny Depp's character, as well as Jude Law playing a young and sexually ambiguous Dumbledore! Not sure if there are any fans of the Harry Potter series out there?
  3. TFMF

    New Sabrina

    So I've watched the first episode... Wasn't the worst thing ever, but I got bored at times. You're right, it's got a lot of the same elements as other teen fantasy shows. I'll give episode 2 a go and see if it improves a bit. Btw, I hope you don't mind, I threw an image into your first post. I'm adding it to the "featured topics" as they're getting a little out of date. 😛
  4. TFMF

    Name an old Nite Sci-Fi Member

    Yeah, when Nite went a bit quiet, TeusoShima and I petitioned him to let us take over so that the community has some kind of development team. He was a Star Trek mod before that; I was Stargate. I tried emailing him but haven't had any reply yet. But then I emailed you a while back and it took you a bit of time to fin the forums again, so maybe it'll just take a bit more time. 🙂 I think Highlander was BSG? And then we have Sov13t I can't remember what he started off as, but I remember he looked after the forums when NiteShdw got into trouble. He was also maintained NiteShdw's Gaming Server I think - we played a lot of Counter Strike: Source back in the day. I do miss those days!
  5. TFMF

    New Sabrina

    This is actually on our watch list on Netflix. Is it really that bad? I wasn’t bothered for the original, so I thought this would be bad anyway. Netflix does have a good track record with these things though. (I do agree riverdale looks awful though so if it’s similar it won’t last in my house)
  6. TFMF

    Flush the Airlock!

    I am dreading winter. We don’t even get it bad here in Scotland compared to many places but I just hate the cold, the rain, the dark....ughhh... I’ll take your silly season........how silly?
  7. TFMF

    Name an old Nite Sci-Fi Member

    Wow, I forgot about Dr. Stregke, although I admit I have forgotten how they were... I seem to remember English not being a strong point? TetsuoShima - another former admin I've lost contact with in the chaos. Always remember he kept me from breaking the forums back in the day. And then he disappeared...and the forums broke... 🤔
  8. TFMF

    Miscellaneous thread

    Well, I've finally managed to track down an old copy of the forum database (As in, THE forum from before the crash). Now I just need to figure out how to get it working again. 🤔
  9. TFMF

    Name an old Nite Sci-Fi Member

    I'm fairly certain I was fortunate enough not to be a moderator back when BorisP was around. I think c4evap was one who had the most dealings with him. (Since she's mentioned, c4evap can be the next member to mention). Star Trek moderator (I think). One of the early ones. I remember I had a bit of a disagreement with her at one point (Something silly, but I think we sorted it out). Would be great to have her back.
  10. TFMF

    Flush the Airlock!

    I did wonder where you'd got to. I remember emailing you a couple of months ago about getting the forum back. You're still alive, that's the main thing! 😄
  11. TFMF

    Miscellaneous thread

    I don't remember if this ever actually happened. I have met one person from NiteSciFi in real life in the UK, but that's it for me. I have spoken with several others via Skype in the past. I do remember a big meet-up organised by NiteShdw at one point, but I think some legal action may have taken place around this time which might have scuppered things...
  12. TFMF

    Flush the Airlock!

    Welcome Subspatial! Took you 2 months to find the new forum, but glad you made it 😛
  13. TFMF

    New Forums (again!)

    At the moment there's 3 groups, but they control what access you have on the forum: Starfleet Command - Admins (So, me!) Starfleet Academy - All members currently Starfleet Security - Moderators (None currently) I would like to get some kind of joinable group-system in place, though so members can chose which class they'd like to be. Done, thanks 🙂 One thing I am struggling with is the aspect ratio of the images, as it seems to zoom the image in a bit when it displays them in the header... haven't figured out how to disable it yet...
  14. Hello Jonathan,

    My name is Pete.


    Pronounced = 'Peat' to you Scottish fold.

    This will be  the only time we speak out of character....


    So, TFMF...

    How is the new forum going?         




    1. TFMF


      Hi Subspatial! New forum is looking good - just need to get people posting on it now! 🙂

  15. TFMF

    donald I guess

    There are so many people (born here) that use benefits as their income because they're so lazy to actually get a job. The system is flawed, though - for some people, it is more cost effective than actually getting a job. Stonehenge is just a bunch of rocks (Although I haven't actually been). Visit Scotland!