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  1. TFMF

    smol birb

    Is there a story behind the blue bird?
  2. Hi all! Whether you're new to NiteSciFi, or have been with us since it was called "NiteShdw" (I really do miss that name...), it would be great to hear a bit about who you are, what sci-fi you watch, and how you found us! Here's a bit about me to give you some ideas. You definitely don't need to go into any detail. 🙂 What's with the username, TFMF? a.k.a. The Fantastic Mr Fox I actually think NiteSciFi was the first community I registered on where I needed to come up with a username. Way back in 2003 I searched my room manically trying to find something that might help me think of something I could use. Somehow, I found a copy of Roald Dahl's "The Fantastic Mr Fox", and the abbreviation of that seemed like a good idea. Outside the Internet... Offline, I'm known as Jonathan (Mostly because it's my name. I know, insane.) Other facts about me in real life: I live in Scotland I am getting far too close to hitting 30 years old. I have 3 dogs and a bearded dragon Favourite Sci-Fi? I'd have to say Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Favourite Non-Sci-Fi? Very tricky.... there are a number of really strong shows I love: The Crown Game of Thrones Sherlock How did you find NiteSciFi? Back in 2004 (I think?) I may have engaged in a little illegal torrent downloading . The best place to do that was a small up-and-coming torrent site known as "NiteShdw's Star Trek Torrents". I actually don't remember how I found it - probably google - but I registered and downloaded away to my heart's content. It probably took a good few months before I bothered posting on the forums, but it didn't take long after that to become addicted and rack up a sizable post count. After some time, I eventually became moderator of the Stargate forums (Which was just the best thing ever at the time). Shortly after that, another moderator and I approached the owner of the forums about taking over admin responsibilities. Many years and many more reincarnations of the forum since - and here we are. Feel free to ask me anything, and don't forget to introduce yourself!
  3. TFMF

    Device of Choice?

    I've been playing it for a couple of months now. There was a point where things got a bit repetitive in Year 4, but I pushed through the middle and it picked up again. Keeping me entertained for the most part. /me is looking forward to Apple announcing new iPhones tomorrow. 😀
  4. "The Woman who Fell to Earth" New TARDIS New Companions New Night? Looks like Doctor Who will now air on a SUNDAY rather than the usual Saturday, starting on October 7th on BBC One (UK). It will also air simultaneously on BBC America. This might actually help, given that Saturday nights can often see it competing with many strong shows.
  5. Hi all, In the process of getting the site loaded with an SSL certificate and using "HTTPS". Going forward, all nitescifi.com pages will start with "https://" rather than "http://" The main difference you'll notice is that instead of seeing this in the address bar: You see this: Obviously for a small community forum, this isn't massively important. We don't take or store any sensitive information. However as the internet evolves, a lot of web browsers are now requiring this level of security - regardless of what website you visit. The green padlock should be visible in the next few days, if not sooner. If you notice any problems, please do let me know! :)
  6. TFMF

    New Series Announced

    The old forum host got rid of their service, so I didn't plan on opening a new one, but then I was able to get this one up and running quite quickly so decided to reopen. This one is on our own server so should be fine. Well, I want to believe that if Sir Patrick is involved, it would be the original universe, but considering he said a lot had changed/happened since the last time we saw him (Nemesis), I'm wondering if it will be an alternate universe...
  7. TFMF

    New Series Announced

    I actually get what you mean. Discovery was kind of difficult to get into, but when I think of it, so was most ST series. TNG itself was terrible in season 1. 😛 They split Discovery season 1 into 2 parts, with a mid season break. I found part 2 got much better - might be worth another try, Hayden?
  8. TFMF

    Game of the Moment?

    I've probably mentioned before that I really am the most boring gamer ever. As a PC-exclusive gamer, I tend to play the same old games over and over again, but what are some of your favourite games that you keep coming back to? Currently playing: Tomb Raider II (If you've never done the above while playing TR2, then you've not played it properly 😛 ) Some of the old classics I keep coming back to that you may have encountered: DESCENT One of the first games I ever played. You basically fly around alien mines/tunnels and blow up robots (Such as the red claw thing above). Ultimate objective is to collect 3 keys to gain access to a reactor (Or boss bot), blow it up and escape before you yourself get blown up. Probably play this (And the sequel) annually ever since I first encountered it 25 years ago...... Civilization 6 Ok this one is a little more recent, and he series probably needs no explanation. I win by science victory most times... I'm not adventurous enough to win any other way... Settlers Going back in time again, I play Settlers 3 onwards fairly regularly. An age of empires-style building game, although slower paced, and more resource-focused. The later games are geared more more on battle/story, but are still good. Star Trek: Online There's actually quite a few good Star Trek games out there, but this one is still actively developed, and they've added quite a lot of great new content. Just last month they released a big update featuring a large number of DS9 actors. It's great to hear a lot of the cast again after so long - Especially since I just marathon'd DS9... 😃 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic The first time I played this (And the sequel), I was absolutely amazed at how good the story was. It's little dated now, but I still enjoy the story and making changes to the characters to keep things interest. I admit I never got into the Star Wars: The Old Republic (The online incarnation). What do you keep coming back to?
  9. TFMF

    Device of Choice?

    This is another thing; I do most of my gaming on PC (Not that I really call myself a gamer...currently playing Tomb RaIder 2 for the billionth time...). Although I do sometimes play the odd iOS game. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has recently gotten quite a few hours out of me.
  10. TFMF

    New Forums (again!)

    Added a couple of Doctor Who logos to the logo picker (Still working on getting the scaling right)
  11. TFMF

    Device of Choice?

    Just curious - what does everyone use to browse the internet these days? I probably use 60% phone, 20% desktop (work) and 20% laptop (home).
  12. TFMF

    Doctor Who

    I think the new series will be quite a bit different in other ways, too. 3 companions. Unsure how I feel about Bradley Walsh. Only ever seen him in The Chase...
  13. TFMF

    Doctor Who

    I'm currently working my way through season 10. I watched Doctor Who religiously up until Peter Capaldi (Which is a shame, as I think he's great at the job). Trying to get back into it. Glad a woman is finally at the controls! And you're right, hopefully in the near future, we won't even think about such things. 🙂
  14. Trying to decide what TV show to rewatch next... Doctor Who, or Star Trek: Voyager

  15. TFMF

    Miscellaneous thread

    Thanks for being the first customer in Ten Forward. 😛 I do miss Werewolf. Once we get a few more users, we'll definitely have a new game. 🙂 I've spent the last few years working, started a family (I now have a son, 3 dogs, a bearded dragon). I'm sure there's probably other exciting things, but that's the main points. 😃