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If you need help with any aspect of the forums, feel free to send a PM to a member of the team.
What happened to the old forums/posts?
I have posted a brief explanation on this here.
Can I receive an email when I get a new PM?
Email notifications of new Private/Personal Messages (PM's) are currently not available, but you can receive a pop-up instead.

To enable this feature, go to your PM System Settings via your PM Inbox and set the Display an alert whenever you receive a new PM option to "Yes".
Can I post videos on the forums?
Yes! Simply copy the URL of the video you'd like to post from your video website (e.g. YouTube) and place the URL inside the [FLASH] [/FLASH] BBCode tags.

For more information on how to do this and how to resize videos, click on the Full BBCode List link while viewing in the Full Reply screen when posting and scroll down to the [FLASH] BBCode section.